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It's finally finished! Threat Record Issue #2 is complete, and on sale now at all OBS storefronts! It's packed with 32 pages of 4C awesomeness!

In this issue you get five wicked Martial Arts Styles from around the world including Ninjutsu, Silambam, Bak Mei, Bokator, and of course, Karate. Each of the five 4C NPCs is a practitioner of one of the afore-mentioned arts, and each has a suggested scenario to introduce them to your group of player characters. We also introduce you to the Fine Art of Fighting, an article on the fighting arts of SMITE, a 4C Fantasy setting from Silverlion Studios. There's also an article covering Martial Arts weaponry from around the globe; nunchucks, shuriken, and katanas, oh my!

So what are you waiting for? Run to the Enworld store, and get some now!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! From now thru Christmas, buy Issue #2 and get Issue #1 for free! That's right, get two issues of Threat Record for the incredibly low price of $2.00! What are you waiting for? Get them now!


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Thanks Walt. I think you'll really enjoy the next issue. It will be focused on cyber-gear, spy-tech, and other fun stuff. I'm hoping to get it finished by the new year, but it's still a ways from completion.

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