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Warbands is a 28mm RPG style tabletop fantasy skirmish game where players can build their force of mercenaries from a wide array of races and professions, arm them with weapons and equipment, and do battle against each other over a variety of frantic scenarios.

With the core starter box containing enough miniatures for 2 players, and streamlined rules that have a indepth tactical and strategic elements to master Warbands is suited for both the beginner and experienced players alike

Warbands is now live on kickstarter, you can follow this link HERE

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How to play part 1

How to play part 2
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The box is like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.

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Post a beta pdf of the rules. Let me see that I want to put down the cash for this. I already own a LOT of skirmish rules - let me see what is great about yours. Access to the rules after pledging is not acceptable for me.

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