Level Up (A5E) Knacks; reorganizing them and make most knacks available to several classes, few to all classes.


Now, to me Knacks are one of the best addition to 5E that I have seen.
A new category of "mini-feats" that certain classes can have them picked up across leveling.

But, a few of them are misplaced and many seem to match better with other class rather than the class that they are written for in the playtest.

I didn't rework any knacks(except slight tweak to Expertise and skill training), I just sorted knacks of all classes(except sorcerer) in alphabetical order and added class tags to what classes I feel that they should be available.

When you add all knacks together you can see that there is a few overlaps in knacks(that is when 2 of them are very similar), so maybe some could just be deleted or combined into one knack.
I.E. herbal apothecary and herbal bitters could be one knack for druids and rangers,
Mountain climber and Mountaineer could be one knack for Beserkers, fighter and rangers
Path of lean winter and Tundra explorer could be one knack for Beserkers, Druids and Rangers...


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I'm hoping that's the case. There are several knacks that are quite similar but not identical, and I feel like they should be redone. We shouldn't have a bunch of different knacks that mostly overlap.


I agree with your Sentiment Horwath. I would take it one step further. Make a large list of class agnostic knacks that everyone can choose from and a few unique ones that are class specific.


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By taking them out of the classes and making them more generic you're stripping away something that helps define the class and also making it a bit more complex for a new player to create a character since they'll have to flip through the book for their backgrounds, feats, spells, and knacks.

By keeping it in the class itself, rather than a separate bucket, you make them feel like an aspect of the class, like a Warlock Invocation, rather than a generic trick anyone can do.

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