Kickstarter [Kobold Press] Southlands Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Southlands kickstarter is now over $170 K, with more than 1,660 backers, and 10 days still to go

Southlands is within sight of exceeding the funding of the Midgard Worldbook project, the previous absolute biggest setting project Kobold Press has done!


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Southlands Hero image.jpg

This is it friends—the Southlands Kickstarter's FINAL 4 HOURS!!

$252,397 pledged and still going!
2,550 backers and still climbing!

The kobolds are pleased as a dragon’s punch at how much fantastic additional content our incredible backers have unlocked. We’ve more adventures—including an exclusive adventure hardcover compilation—new content for the Southlands Worldbook and Southlands Player’s Guide, additional PDFs for backers, and more!

And still 4 hours to go!!!

Back the Southlands Kickstarter now! :)


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