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D&D 3E/3.5 Kulan: The Lands of Harqual


World of Kulan DM
AD&D 2E Trading Card NPCs


Stats: hm / 7th level ex-cleric / lawful good
Homeland: Kingdom of Ahamudia
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #429
Personality: Pious, forgiving, and troubled.
Description: As a young priest, Ahmintam offended his god, Satiria, by refusing to aid someone he did not deem worthy. (As a result, the injured party died.) Ahmintam now spends his days in repentance by giving aid to all who ask. He hopes that soon Satiria will see him as worthy again and once more grant him spells. (So far, the spell atonement has failed to work for him.)

Alea Thegal
Stats: hf / 6th level fighter / chaotic neutral
Homeland: The Northlands
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #28
Personality: Boastful, ferocious, and untamed.
Description: Alea Thegal was raised in a matriarchal barbarian society in the frozen wastes of the Northlands. She left her tribe to discover the world around her and to make a name for herself as a swordswoman. Alea is proud of her fierce combat skills and does not hesitate to brag about them.
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World of Kulan DM
Alexander Songmaster
Stats: em (forest) / 4th level wizard, 6th level rogue / chaotic good
Homeland: The Forest Domain of Cadra
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #494
Personality: Distant and withdrawn.
Description: Alexander Songmaster is a reclusive forest elf from the Cadra Forest, aloof even to his long-time traveling companions. An animal lover, he refuses to ride a horse, preferring to run. While he doesn't have any family or a familiar, he is extremely close to his pet cat, Maltinuial.

Audrianna Adayr, The Golden Archer
Stats: em (silver) / 12th level ranger / chaotic good
Homeland: The Forest Domain of Cadra
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #141
Personality: Adorable, honorable, but haughty.
Description: The elven princess Audrianna Adayr is called the “Golden Archer” both for her deeds and her gold-colored elven chain mail; her main weapons (see below) represent the height of elven craftsmanship and are magical relics past down through her noble family.
Secrets and Notes: Audrianna wields two unique magical weapons, Hawksblade (+4 dancing flaming long sword – can cast detect evil [at will], cure light wounds [3/day], and cure critical wounds [1/day]) and Heartseeker (+4 seeking longbow [+3 Str] w/6 unique slaying arrows that only kill creatures that have a physical heart).
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World of Kulan DM
Basa Lianin, Spelljamming Patrician
Stats: hf / 8th level wizard (illusionist) / chaotic good
Homeland: The Rock of Bral
Source: D&D 2nd Edition (Spelljammer) 1993 Trading Card #37
Personality: Truthful, outspoken, and optimistic.
Description: A noble landowner on the Rock of Bral, with holdings in the City of Pretensa, in the Lands of Harqual, on the World of Kulan; Basa runs a small merchant company trading in silk, spices, and rare woods. A pirate captain founded her family in the early days of Bral, but Basa is an honest woman. She is a champion of good causes.

Bertilde the Brazen, Amazonian Bard
Stats: hf / 11th level bard / neutral
Homeland: The River Plains
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1992 Trading Card #237, D&D 2nd Edition Rogues’ Gallery
Personality: Bold, unabashed, and fierce.
Description: An Amazon tribe of the River Plains, who found her as a wee babe and admired her size, raised Bertilde. Even then she was beefy and strong. She had a lusty voice, too, which she later put to use by inspiring her tribe in battle. When Bertilde learned she was a foundling, she left her sisters to seek her true identity, but never found it. She eventually settled in the Town of Haulia, where she supplements her meager earnings by wrestling a trained bear. Now, in her twilight years, her voice and muscles often fail her. Bertilde has become a friend to the hunter elves of the Verdalf Forest as ties between Haulia and the elves are cordial if not truly friendly. She has been spending more and more time in the forest, visiting with the elves and Halvarth, in particular. The Hunter Elf King has become her closet friend, in her waning year, although their relationship is platonic.
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World of Kulan DM
Griffon Broadleaf
Stats: hm / 11th level druid (the Daghdha) / neutral
Homeland: The Hallowed Lands
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #267
Personality: Analytical, prideful, and mindful.
Description: A proud person, Griffon Broadleaf doesn't allow anyone (his companions included) to slander the Tenets of the Balance or his deity, the Daghdha. Defamation often happens because Griffon tends to over-analyze all situations, trying to gauge their importance to the Balance. However, Griffon strives to maintain an equilibrium wherever he goes as he knows that the Balance requires chaos, evil, good, and law as well as neutrality.

Harlo Everwinter
Stats: hm / 7th level bard / chaotic neutral
Homeland: City of Baermos (Wind Plains Region)
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1992 Trading Card #235, D&D 2nd Edition Rogues’ Gallery
Personality: Glib, trendy, and catlike.
Description: Harlo began his career as foot soldier, for the militia of Baermos, but he retired after slicing off half his own foot in a battle. Thereafter, he devoted himself to entertaining, mostly to pay his bar tab. His musical talents are modest, but he compensates by spinning a great yarn while strumming his guitar in a manner that greatly enhances his story.
Secrets and Notes: Harlo always carries a hat of disguise with him.
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World of Kulan DM
Jeryth Sterrob
Stats: hf / 2nd level rogue / neutral
Homeland: The City-state of Deepwater
Source: D&D 2nd Edition (Forgotten Realms) 1993 Trading Card #267 [Justina Sittas]
Personality: Contemplative, straightforward, and resolute.
Description: This beautiful woman's job includes approaching every ship at the Deepwater piers every day to collect dock taxes. If taxes are not paid, the ship must leave port immediately. If the tax evaders refuse to leave the docks, she calls 2-8 constables who arrive in 2-20 rounds to arrest the fee dodgers.

Lady Elorelei
Stats: hf / 4th level bard / chaotic neutral
Homeland: Unknown
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1992 Trading Card #234, D&D 2nd Edition Rogues’ Gallery
Personality: Accomplished, avaricious, and stormy.
Description: “Lady” Elorelei is only noble in appearance. Her parents were traveling performers, now retired. During the family’s travels, she saw many strange sights and learned every trick in the book. Her parents took great pains to see that Elorelei received a complete education including some handy “professional” skills. Nimble-fingered, this “lady” is a consummate thief who often pilfers from beguiled males, strolling through a crowd of patrons, as she performs.
Secrets and Notes: Elorelei’s dress of amazement gives her a +5 competence bonus on Sleight of Hand checks while she is using the Perform skill or her Bardic Music ability. The dress also adds 2 points to her Charisma score. The dress can take on any form, style, or color that she desires, but always appears of the finest quality. The dress doesn’t function without a light source nearby and a darkness spell negates any effect from the dress.
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World of Kulan DM
Miola Waites
Stats: ½ef / 5th level sorcerer / neutral evil
Homeland: The Belin Confederacy
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #310 [changed class from wizard to sorcerer]
Personality: Spoiled, vindictive, and likes to take chances.
Description: Miola Waites is an embittered teen with a strange aptitude for magic. At the age of only 15 years, she has already achieved a great deal as a wizard. She is spoiled, always used to getting her own way, and she will not hesitate to kill those who get in her way.

Quallos de Vries, The Rake
Stats: hm / 2nd level swashbuckler / chaotic good
Homeland: The City-state of Deepwater
Source: D&D 2nd Edition (Forgotten Realms) 1993 Trading Card #304 [Artemus Dimartius]
Personality: Openhearted, prideful, and zany.
Description: Quallos de Vries is a swaggering buffoon with a good heart. He's far better at telling tales to impress the ladies in the bars of Deepwater than performing deeds of derring-do, but his skills are improving. His last 'duel' was with a thief that stole a lady's purse.
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World of Kulan DM
Stats: hm / 9th level sorcerer / lawful good
Homeland: Unknown
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1993 Trading Card #92
Personality: Antic, indulgent, and talkative.
Description: Rethral is an oddball where wizards are concerned; he can be found anywhere where there is a large group of people that he can talk to. He sometimes overindulges with his wine.

Teryss, The Rat Piper, The Resourceful, The Screech
Stats: em (urbanite) / 5th level bard / chaotic good
Homeland: The City-state of Caloric
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1992 Trading Card #236, D&D 2nd Edition Rogues’ Gallery [level has been changed]
Personality: Imaginative, distinctive, and perplexing.
Description: Teryss has always had a taste for city life appreciating its baser elements. By night, he uses his pipes of sounding to create a complex cacophony that only a few appreciate. By day, he clears the same establishments of vermin leading them into traps with his pipes of the sewer. He’s still waiting for his “big break.”
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World of Kulan DM
Whoops! Forgot one.

Calla, Amazonian Wizard
Stats: hf / 3rd level wizard / neutral
Homeland: The Storm Jungle
Source: D&D 2nd Edition 1992 Trading Card #303, D&D 2nd Edition Rogues’ Gallery
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, clever, and sober.
Description: Calla grew up in the Storm Jungle. Although her mother raised her in the ways of the shamans of her tribe, Calla did not want the life of a tribal shaman. Instead, she began wandering the Lands of Harqual, gaining knowledge and generally having a good time. She’s been traveling through the lands of Izmer and Shaule for over a year now. However, she feels guilty for abandoning her tribe, after hearing that war had broken out on the Storm Peninsula. Thus, she is heading home with her snake familiar, Issa.
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World of Kulan DM
A new, completely original Harqual NPC!

Beasley, Onan Merchant, Gentleman Thief
Stats: hm / 3rd level expert, 10th level rogue / chaotic good
Homeland: The Onan Territories
Source: Original
Personality: Bold, decisive, and protective.
Description: The man known as Beasley is considered a champion of the downtrodden in the city-state of Onaway. He is also considered one of the city-state's favored sons – a fine gentleman and a well respected middle-class merchant. And while he is those things, he is also a thief.

Beasley is the head of one of Onaway's smaller thieves' guilds – a guild that has no true name – and he often uses his position to counteract the behaviors of the cruelest noble families in Onaway.

While he and his guild steal from the rich and help the unfortunate, Beasley realizes that his guild needs income, so a portion of the group's take is used to fill the guild's coffers. Bribery is is required evil in Onaway and Beasley has managed to save many of his guild members from the hangman's noose by bribing the right official at just the right time.

Beasley's guild has a alliance, of sorts, with the Tiger Guild located in the Eastern Shores. The agreement is a simple one – the two guilds share information back and forth. This has helped Beasley learn about the eastern lands and he now believes his guild needs to grow beyond Onaway in such an uncertain world.
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World of Kulan DM
And another...

Claris, The Mistress Arcanist of Onaway
Stats: hf / 2nd level fighter, 8th level wizard / neutral good
Homeland: The Onan Territories
Source: Original
Personality: Austere, coquettish, and resolute.
Description: Claris is enigmatic and extraordinary for an Onan woman. She started out her life simply as a member of the Onan Guardsmen. She would have likely continued on that path if she hadn't met an elven wizard, named Bactra Redwind, from the Eastern Shores. He and his companions traveled to Onaway to negotiate an alliance and in the complex negotiations that followed, Claris was exposed to arcane magic.

Bactra took on Claris as a student and lover even when he and two of his associates went underground in Onaway to uncover a plot by the Onan Senator Eagleon Hammervein, a evil dwarf who turned out to be the infamous villain known as The Fancy Bandit. She helped them uncover the dwarf's evil deeds and clear their names.

Shortly after the elven wizard left Onaway, Claris gained control of a crumbling tower in the city-state and became the first openly known arcanist in the Onan Territories. She has had to face prejudice from Onan society ever since, since arcane magic is shunned in the city-state. Her greatest supporter is the Lord of Onaway, Than LaMarche, who wants Onan society to learn to accept arcane magic. So far, it has been a struggle for Claris to find any willing apprentices.
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World of Kulan DM
Dalam Shallot, Onan Senator
Stats: ½om / 6th level aristocrat, 6th level warrior / neutral good
Homeland: The Onan Territories
Source: Original
Personality: Outspoken, strong-willed, and wily.
Description: Dalam Shallot grew up the half-bred son of a renown human Onan Senator and warrior, Kelvas Shallot, and a half-orc merchant woman named Kessi. While his parents never married, Dalam was raised as a aristocrat's son. His early life was hard, but he gained renown in the city guard and, later, in the Tangles against several assaults by the ogre tribes of the Hawk Plains.

After his father was killed by a rival's blade, Dalam sought right of vengeance and claimed his father's place in the Onan Senate. He has become one of Onaway's most famous citizens, and he often speaks up against the injustice and the corruption that is a part of Onan society. Dalam considers Than LaMarche to be a good friend even though they don't aways agree about what is best plan for the future of the Onan Territories.
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World of Kulan DM
Wynn Ironstout, Protector of Ahalgot
Stats: ½f (icefoot) / 12th level cleric (Arvoreen) / neutral good
Homeland: The Icefoot Woods of Ahalgot
Source: Original
Personality: Benign, protective, well-informed.
Description: Wynn Ironstout is the perfect motherly role model. She always had a kind word for those that show respect for nature and people. She rather deal with the changing patterns of the local elk population or stroll within the forested lands of Ahalgot than raise her magical club in anger.

Regardless, Wynn can become quite fierce when defending those she cares deeply for. This includes not only the icefoots of Ahalgot but also the many peaceful denizens of the forest.

Wynn is good friends with the druid of Ahalgot, Relwin Dobbs (N human male Drd9 [the Daghdha]). She and the druidic philosopher enjoy conversing about current events in the forest and beyond that reaches their eyes.
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World of Kulan DM
Recmair Hault, Lord Baron of Wolffire, The Wolf Lord
Stats: hm / 14th level barbarian / neutral good
Homeland: The Barony of Wolffire
Source: Original
Personality: Aggressive, amiable, and vocal.
Description: The Lord Baron of Wolffire is a bear of a man who always speaks his mind and who snarls at his foes on the battlefield. He is highly aggressive in everything he does whether it is war, hunting, gambling, or womanizing.

He isn't the sort of man who makes friends easily, amongst the nobility of the Eastern Shores, and he hates attending courtly functions. Indeed, his greatest friends are his soldiers and comrades. However, he is a good-natured man and a well respected ruler.

Recmair recently led his subjects in a war against the bugbear tribes of the Sunus Mountains. As part of this conflict, the Lord Baron gained a healthy respect for the citizens of Minar on the other side of the mountain range. The Minarans fought bravely alongside the citizens of his barony and the two countries are now strong allies.

Recmair is vary proud of his son, Drenaut (NG human male, Ftr5), who has become an excellent soldier. He has already named Drenaut his heir even though Drenaut is the younger of his two sons. His other son, Hetelt (CN human male, Swb3/Sor3), is a bit of a disappointment to the Lord Baron since Hetelt chose not to follow the traditional ways of Wolffire.
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World of Kulan DM
When the Pathfinder Chronicles book Guide to Korvosa came out, I bought it with the thought of using it for Kulan.

I wasn't sure until I started reading it, however.

Once I decided to add Korvosa as a Transformation city, my thoughts turned toward whether or not I wanted to add all (or some of) the Pathfinder deities as Transformation Gods. I quickly decided that there wasn't any way I was going to add that many deities to the list for the Lands of Harqual.

I decided to wait and look at the deities more closely. Plus, I wanted to read The Great Beyond first, so I could determine if any of the planes presented in that book would make it into my Mirrored Cosmology. (I've decided to add Abaddon, Axis, and The Boneyard.)

As a result, the following Pathfinder deities are now considered Transformation Gods for the Lands of Harqual. Most of these deities are only worshiped in the city-state of Korvosa; however, Asmodeus is known throughout the continent but is rarely worshiped as a god.

Note that since Pharasma and Sarenrae are considered World Gods, the two deities are worshiped throught the world; however, they are still nearly unheard of beyond the walls of Korvosa.

I've made changes to the deities including changes in divine status and domains. I'm not sure if this will be final list, but I can guarantee that none of the Pathfinder deities will every be more powerful than "Intermediate" for World of Kulan.

Master of the First Vault

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A golden key
Home Plane: Mechanus
Godly Realm: Axis, the Eternal City
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Cities, wealth, merchants, law
Worshipers: Judges, merchants, lawyers, aristocrats, those who have been wronged
Cleric Alignments: LN, LG, LE
Domains: Law, Nobility, Protection, Trade, Travel
Favored Weapon: Light crossbow

Asmodeus ~
Lord of the Ninth, Lord of the Ruby Rod, Prince of Darkness

Symbol: A red pentagram
Home Plane: Baator
Diabolic Realm: Nessus
Alignment: Lawful evil
Portfolio: Might, oppression, slavery, pride, contracts
Servants: Devils, bureaucrats, slavers, tyrants, nobility of Korvosa
Cultist Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Domains: Authority, Diabolic, Evil, Law, Tyranny
Favored Weapon: Heavy mace

Old Deadeye

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Bow and arrow
Home Plane: Celestia
Godly Realm: The Fields of Heaven
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Farming, hunting, trade, family
Worshipers: Farmers, hunters, any person dwelling in a rural area
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN
Domains: Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant
Favored Weapon: Longbow

The Wind and the Waves

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A leaf with water dripping off it
Home Plane: Ouno
Godly Realm: Stormwave
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: Nature, weather, the sea
Worshipers: Sailors, naval merchants, farmers
Cleric Alignments: N, NG, NE, CN, LN
Domains: Animal, Plant, Ocean, Trade, Weather
Favored Weapon: Trident

God of the End of Times

Symbol: Full moon with the faint image of a skull on its surface
Home Plane: Plane of Graves
Godly Realm: The Boneyard (The Moon)
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Empty places, ruin, oblivion
Worshipers: Loners, megalomaniacs, madmen
Cleric Alignments: CN, CE, CG
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Madness
Favored Weapon: Heavy flail

Master of Masters

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Purple hand on a blue disk
Home Plane: Mechanus
Godly Realm: Axis, the Eternal City
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: History, knowledge, self-perfection
Worshipers: Monks, anyone with psionic powers
Cleric Alignments: LN, LE, LG
Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength
Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike

Mother of Monsters

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A jackal-headed monster with three eyes
Home Plane: The Abyss
Godly Realm: Kurnugia
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Madness, monsters, nightmares
Worshipers: Gnolls, medusas, goblins, human cultists
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN
Domains: Bestial, Madness, Strength, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Falchion

Lady of Graves

Greater Deity
Symbol: Spiraling blue and white bolt of energy
Home Plane: Plane of Graves
Godly Realm: The Boneyard
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: Fate, death, prophecy, birth
Worshipers: Midwives, expectant mothers, morticians, diviners
Cleric Alignments: LN, NE, N, NG, CN
Domains: Death, Fate, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water
Favored Weapon: Dagger

The Dawnflower

Greater Deity
Symbol: A winged, golden celestial surrounded by a bright halo of sunlight
Home Plane: Elysium
Godly Realm: Nishshabur
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: The sun, redemption, honesty, healing
Worshipers: Healers, dervishes, those who wish redemption
Cleric Alignments: NG, LG, CG
Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Purity, Sun
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

The Eternal Rose

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A bird with multicolored feathers
Home Plane: Elysium
Godly Realm: Valley of the Rose
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Beauty, art, love, music
Worshipers: Lovers, bards, artists
Cleric Alignments: NG, CG, LG
Domains: Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon: Glaive

Father of Creation

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Warhammer
Home Plane: Celestia
Godly Realm: The Forge
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: The forge, protection, strategy
Worshipers: Dwarves, architects, craftsmen, military planners, guardians, watchmen
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

The Midnight Lord

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A skull with a spiked chain hanging from its eye sockets
Home Plane: Baator
Godly Realm: Hinterlands of Midnight
Alignment: Lawful evil
Portfolio: Envy, pain, darkness, loss
Worshipers: Evil sadists, demented masochists, those who spirits are broken or twisted
Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Law
Favored Weapon: Spiked chain

The Grim Harvestman

Symbol: A heavy pick made of bones
Home Plane: Plane of Graves
Godly Realm: Wanders
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Accidental death, graveyards, tragedy
Worshipers: Cultists, grave diggers, evil druids
Cleric Alignments: NE, CE, LE
Domains: Death, Evil, Plant
Favored Weapon: Heavy pick

~ The version of Asmodeus I use for Korvosa is different than the version that is presented in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. It combines some of the PF version with the D&D 3.5 version. Asmodeus isn't considered a "true" god for the Mirrored Cosmology.
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World of Kulan DM
Giant Sand Spiders!

My PbP players just fought off 5 of these beasties...

Medium Vermin
Hit Dice: 3d8+3 (16 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft. (4 squares), climb 15 ft.
AC: 19 (+3 Dex, +6 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 19
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+2
Attack: Bite +5 melee (1d6 plus poison)
Full Attack: Bite +5 melee (1d6 plus poison)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
SA: Poison, web
SQ: Darkvision 30 ft., spines, tremorsense 30 ft., vermin traits
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1
Abilities: Str 11 (+0), Dex 17 (+3), Con 12 (+1), Int —, Wis 10 (+0), Cha 2 (-4)
Skills: Climb +11, Hide +7*, Jump +1*, Listen +2, Spot +7*
Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse (B)

Continent/Region: Harqual, Janardûn, and any island chain in the northern hemisphere
Environment: Temperate coast
Organization: Solitary or colony (2–5)
CR: 2
Treasure: 1/10 coins; 50% goods; 50% items
Level Adjustment: 4–7 HD (Large); 8–11 HD (Huge)


Poison (Ex): A giant sand spider has a poisonous bite and poisonous spines. The creature's spines are also poisonous. Paralysis/Injury, Fortitude DC 15; initial damage paralysis 1d4 rounds, secondary damage 1d6 Str.

A giant sand spider has a +2 racial bonus to the DC of its poison's Fortitude saving throw.

Web (Ex): Giant sand spiders often wait in their webs or in caves, then lower themselves silently on silk strands and leap onto prey passing beneath. A single strand is strong enough to support the spider and one creature of the same size. A giant sand spider can throw a web four times per day. This is similar to an attack with a net but has a maximum range of 50 feet, with a range increment of 10 feet, and is effective against targets up to Large size. An entangled creature can escape with a successful Escape Artist check (DC 12) or burst it with a Strength check (DC 16). The check DCs are Constitution-based, and the Strength check DC includes a +4 racial bonus.

Giant sand spider often create 30-ft.-sq. sheets of sticky webbing. They usually position these sheets to trap prey on the ground but can also try to snare flying creatures. Approaching creatures must succeed on a DC 20 Spot check to notice a web; otherwise they stumble into it and become trapped as though by a successful web attack. Attempts to escape or burst the webbing gain a +5 bonus if the trapped creature has something to walk on or grab while pulling free. Each 5-foot section has 6 hit points, and sheet webs have damage reduction 5/—.

A giant sand spider can move across its own web at its climb speed and can pinpoint the location of any creature touching its web.

Spines (Ex): Any creature that attacks a giant sand spider with a Small or smaller weapon (including unarmed and ntural attacks) must make a Reflex saving throw (DC 14) or suffer 1d4 points of piercing damage from the spider's spines and make a Fortitude save versus the creature's poison (see above). As a full-round action, a giant sand spider can pick up a smaller helpless creature with its legs and impale the body on the spines (causing 2d4 points of piercing damage). The spider can carry up to three Small-sized creatures in this manner (although if it carries two, it has a medium load, and if it carries three it has a heavy load).

Tremorsense (Ex): A giant sand spider can detect and pinpoint any creature or object within 30 feet in contact with the ground, or within any range in contact with the spider’s webs.

Skills: Giant sand spiders have a +4 racial bonus on Hide and Spot checks and a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks. A giant sand spider can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened. Giant sand spiders use either their Strength or Dexterity modifier for Climb checks, whichever is higher. *Giant sand spiders have a +8 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks when using their webs.
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World of Kulan DM
I finally finished these races!


Other Variant Halfling Cultures on Harqual
There are a few other distinct cultures of halflings on Harqual. These distinct cultures are similar enough to one of the major races of halflings (i.e. fire river halflings) or the D&D Player's Handbook v.3.5 version of halflings (i.e. common halflings) that the differences are negligible. The main exception to this is the halflings of the Tyrian Valley.

A few of these distinct cultures came into being after The Transformation but not all of them.

Fire River Halflings
There are many unique cities and communities along the Fire River from Lalaton on Lake Anoria to the spiraling metropolis of Sumdall on the shore of Guardian Bay. While most of these communities are part of the Kingdom of Izmer or the Domain of Anoria, several of them were forced to go it alone or have willingly joined the newly formed Principality of Pretensa after the annexation of Mor's End by the City-state of Flamerule in 753 N.C.

Other communities were abandoned completely, and many of the hardest hit were the riverside villages of the Fire River halflings. For generations, these halflings, also known as riverfoots, have lived near and on the Fire River and rarely did they pay homage to anyone. Those living within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Izmer were considered subjects of the Royal House of Izmer; however, the Fire River halflings rarely saw it this way. Now that Izmer has been divided into two kingdoms, there is even less of a reason for riverfoots to bow down to anyone.

Fire River halflings have little in common with hairfoots as they are more prone to wanderlust, which takes them up and down the Fire River on barges. In the past, Fire River halflings have rarely migrate further north than the City of Mor's End, and since Mor's End's annexation by Flamerule, riverfoots prefer to stop in or near the City of Pretensa. In Mor's End, they have no rights and are pressed into slavery if caught sailing their barges on Lake Anoria. In the communities of Izmer, they are considered vagabonds and are mistrusted even though the Queen considers riverfoots to be her subjects.

It is in the Principality of Pretensa that Fire River halflings have the most rights. The Prince of the newly formed kingdom has a great love for riverfoots, and he counts many of their leaders as his close personal friends. Pretensa is the once place along the Fire River where riverfoots feel at home. Yes, there are some old prejudices by some of the die hard, ex-Izmerian nobility, but they know better than to oppress Fire River halflings under the watchful eye of their sovereign prince.

Fire River halflings have all the racial traits of lightfoot halflings; however, their languages are changes as per the following: Automatic Languages: Halfling and Common. Bonus Languages: Anorian, Dwarven, Elven, Eversinki, Goblin, Kitt, Orc.

Halflings of Korvosa
The halflings of Korvosa, on their original home world, were renown for being sailors on the high sea. On Harqual, they still serve the same function for the merchant houses of Korvosa. In fact, without much of rural industry to support the Transformation city, the halfling sailors of Korvosa are now being relied upon to help save the city-state from starvation on a daily basis. This has given them increased power and prestige in the city-state but it has also driven some of them to sail away to find their own fortunes on Harqual and beyond.

The halflings of Korvosa tend to mix well with the lightfoot halflings of the Far South. They have found a strange kinship with the lightfoots even though there are many cultural differences between the two races. They are the one Korvosan race that doesn't suffer from extreme prejudice in other lands. Kitts, lightfoots, the rakasta, and Torin dwarves often accept them as friends and allies while southern elves and humans grudgingly respect their abilities as seafarers. The rockwood gnomes are less accepting of Korvosan halflings due to the relations the gnomes have had with the other Korvosan races. The rockwood gnomes try not to judge, but it's hard since they completely distrust the dwarves and the gnomes from Korvosa.

Korvosan halflings have all the racial traits listed in the D&D Player's Handbook v.3.5; however, they have different racial languages: remove Common from and add Taldane to Automatic Languages. The Halfling language they speak is nearly identical to the Halfling language of Harqual.

Korvosan halflings, as a race, are not native to the World of Kulan; therefore, they have the Extraplanar subtype. However, a Korvosan halfling that is born in the Lands of Harqual is considered to be native to the World of Kulan, but a native Korvosan halfling would still be considered an infant at this time.

Halflings of the “City-State”
The halflings of Rhamsandron are a unique race of halflings brought to the continent during the time of The Transformation. These halflings are most often referred to as “common” halflings but not by members of the race. “City State” halflings are skilled workers and many in the “City State” are craftsmen. They also love to perform and many of these halflings become bards. Those without the gift to entertain or the skill (or desire) to work often turn towards thievery as a way of life.

The halflings of the “City State” tend to be homebodies by nature; however, after being transported to another world, these curious halflings have been quick to explore this strange new land called Harqual. What they have discovered, in the Far South, is a land that is dominated more by halflings (and other races) than by humans. This has driven many of them to seek out the halfling dominated city-states of the Far South: Ellihan, Salubia, Vail, and Zafira. They have found the societies of these city-states to be both intriguing and alien at the same time. Common halflings do not worship the Halfling Deities, which has led to a lot of friction when dealing with the lightfoot halflings of the Far South.

They have also been drawn to the lands of the demihuman monarchy known as The Carillon Kingship and the confederacy known as the Four Cities of the Foxe. How they have been welcomed in those lands depends greatly on whether or not they have left Rhamsandron behind permanently. Those that have not are usually refused entry into the lands of the Carillon Kingship. The citizens of the Four Cities are more tolerant, but Rhamsandron has gained a sinister reputation in the Far South since its arrival on Harqual and those that openly associate with the “City State,” regardless of race, are met with suspicion, at beast.

Common halflings have the all the racial traits as listing in the D&D Player's Handbook v.3.5; however, they have slightly altered Automatic Languages: add Rhamsandronish; remove Common.

The common halflings of Rhamsandron, as a race, are not native to the World of Kulan; therefore, they have the Extraplanar subtype. However, a common halfling that is born in the Lands of Harqual is considered to be native to the World of Kulan, but a native halfling of the “City State” would still be considered an infant at this time.

Halflings of the Tyrian Valley
The halflings of the Tyrian Valley are another unique halfling race brought to the Lands of Harqual during The Transformation. The Tyrian Valley sits on the eastern side of the Patron Mountains within the boundaries of the Great Expanse. Unlike the other Tyrian races, the halflings of the Tyrian Valley rarely consider themselves citizens of Tyr.

Many Harqualians consider Tyrian halflings the hardest of the Tyrian races to understand. They can be extremely savage and prefer to eat meat raw. Yet, they have a solid racial tradition that includes art, singing, and storytelling. They believe in finding harmony from within, yet they are prone to xenophobia, which seems contradictory to those Harqualians that have met them and lived to tell about it.

For Tyrian halflings have a tendency to eat intelligent foes. They see little difference between eating a horse and eating an elf. This tendency makes them unwelcome in most of the civilized lands surround the Great Expanse, especially in the lands of the Chara Coast. The fact that a group of Tyrian halflings have forcefully taken up residence in the small forest located east of Deepwater hasn't helped relations. The citizens of the coastal region often call these halflings the Unworthy.

Tyrian halflings make poor slaves and they prefer to die rather than remain in captivity. Those few that have found themselves in the slave pits of the Chara Cities welcome being whipped to death or killed in the arena. One or two are believed to have escaped but the truth is never known for sure in the Chara Cities. What is known is that Tyrian halflings take great joy in raiding the communities that surround the Chara Cities.

There is a rumor that a large [extended] family of Tyrian halflings migrated south to the Merewood and have become embroiled in race war with the phanatons living there.

Tyrian halflings have all the racial traits of the Halfling entry in Chapter 2: Races in the Dark Sun 3 PDF document, which can be downloaded from the Dark Sun Fan Website, The Burnt World of Athas.

Tyrian halflings, as a race, are not native to the World of Kulan; therefore, they have the Extraplanar subtype. However, a Tyrian halfling that is born in the Lands of Harqual is considered to be native to the World of Kulan, but a native Tyrian halfling would still be considered a child at this time.
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