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That's a pretty sad list. You have to look pretty hard these days to find a company that isn't laying people off. While I feel it's a long-term mistake for Wizards to be letting these people go, the economy is not what it was. WotC needs to control costs right now. They could very easily employ fewer people and/or stretch out their releases more. 4e releases have been rather breakneck.

The DnDInsider layoffs annoy me in that I felt that *for once* Wizards had finally released a successful app (the compendium) and were about to follow it up with another (the character builder). That was a lot of effort for them. Not to mention that the magazines were actually starting to turn people around with their quality content. How many potential subscribers will be lost now that people question whether the magazines are going to persist for a year?

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Noonan was top notch, I think letting him go was a mistake. Player's Handbook II for 3e was an incredible book. Randy Buehler, on the other hand, had to go. That guy has been running Magic into the ground for years.

Darrin Drader

Industry email list calls their staff directory at 400+. I don't know one way or the other. Drader, do you trust the numbers?

I've been too far removed for too long to be overly helpful in this regard. My assumption was that headcount had been trending down for the past few years and that it was much lower than 400, but it's entirely possible that I'm completely wrong.

I'd also just like to thank Monte for sharing his perspective, with which I happen to fully agree.

Daniel D. Fox

From other writers at Wizards I've spoken to, promotion is a death sentence. And since experience in the industry typically leads to a directorial speaks miles of where WotC seems themselves as a company.

I know these are hard financial times, and I am sure it was a hard decision to make. Yet let history speak for itself. As a consumer, I'll speak with my pocketbook in 2009 when it comes time to renew my DDI subscription and during the Christmas season when it comes to gifting WotC products to friends. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now about my favorite gaming company, especially in lieu of the holiday season. :(

El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
My condolences to those let go. I sincerely hope this isn't the last time we see your names on RPG products. If and when you guys get work (whether freelancing for WoTC or 3pp), and I see your names on the products, I'll know they are top-notch and support you with buying them. Take care of yourselves and we'll hope to see you all around the boards.


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Today makes me sad that WOTC is so financially driven that they would layoff solid game designers. I know it isn't a new practice, but it is definately a stupid one. I won't renew my DDI subscription.


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As much as my own opinions for WotC has deteriorated over the last 20 months, I have to grind my teeth over the firings, especially considering the timing.

"Here's your Christmas bonus!"
"It's a pink slip..."

I hope the talent that has left or been booted from WotC continues to make great products either with other companies, new companies, or heck... if they gang together under a new name. Either way, I'm sure somebody somewhere will jump on these guys.

"And the 2009 first round draft pick for Paizo is... Jonathan Tweet!"

Good luck to everyone. I hope they do well.

Oh. And I nominate the following as "Sig-Worthy Comment of the Year" (that's an Ennie award.. right?):
Monte At Home said:
"it's become clear that WotC's become a company that not only doesn't value experience, it avoids it."
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I just want to say thank you for all the hard work to those who were laid and my best wishes this christmas season. Sadly I can't think of anything else to add that isnt pretty much a me-too of an above post...

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