D&D General Lego D&D, gelatinous cube video released on Facebook


I crit!

More info from Brick Tap (never heard of them before so I’m not sure if it’s legit)


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Do you think we could see D&D within LEGO: Fortnite? I would bet Spelljemmer would be perfect. Or from Magic: the Gathering LEGO Ilkoria, with those kaijus, or LEGO Eldraine, the parody of the fairy tales.


I crit!
Reddit has a bit more info

Additional info:

The halfling bard is a half-elf! Typo in the image

The dwarf, githyanki, tiefling, halfling, and half-elf have masculine and feminine alt faces

They are flesh colored! The gith is yellow, Dragonborn appears to be pearl gold, tiefling is orange, aaracokra is white

The printed box that the lady of pain carries has a red circle with a blue mountain(?) printed on it, with gilding along the edges

Theres no skin visible on any of their bodies, except for the aaracokra's legs

If anyone has any questions I am happy to try and answer.


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