Coming LEGO Rivendell Set for The Lord of the Rings


Way above my pay grade, but can I start a GoFundMe campaign instead?

The LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set is packed with fan favourite moments and Easter eggs, and can be built in three sections including;
6,167 Pieces / 15 Minifigures

Section one, featuring:
• The Council Ring – complete with a semicircular ring of chairs for the council and the plinth where the ring is first revealed and the Fellowship discuss how to destroy it
• Frodo’s Bedroom – with a desk and chest where the young hobbit recovers following his rescue by Arwen from the hands of the Nazgûl, before being reunited with Bilbo
• Elrond’s study – with famous paintings from the history of Middle--earth

Section two, featuring:
• An elven tower - featuring five Elven statues of unnamed famous warriors from the past

Second three, featuring:
• Gazebo, river and bridge – to recreate the scene where the Fellowship departs Rivendell.


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