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LFP: 5e DnD Monday eves Pacific


I'm very close (1 or 3 weeks from now) to resuming my 5E game on alternate Monday nights, with 2-3 slots open.

Very grim storyline with some high points. Significant player agency (death is voluntary). Magic items are 99% nonstandard. Playstyle ranges from by-the-book tactics to experimental play and heady high concept interaction.

While I've played with powergamers, ultra-tacticians and traditional rail-based gamers, I have not held their attention. My GM style is geared toward players who grasp and can negotiate through RAW and RAI, have a strong sense of their character, a willingness to pursue their own story, and the ability to adapt to radically unique situations.

Six years of real-time play history. Went on hiatus a couple months after lockdown hit because real life was too close to in-game events--especially the sky, with the CA wildfires. :( Anyhoo...

Right now, new characters start at level 14. I accept anything from PHB, Xanathar and Tasha.

Discord server for voice, and something incredibly simple for tactics (not roll20).

Current player mix is one player who's been with the story since the beginning. One that joined post-start but pre-jump. And one that joined post-jump.
The jump was an encounter involving a Deck of Many Things that vaulted the campaign forward nearly 8 decades. Each character has their own storyline which does merge with and pull away from the main story.

Feel free to ask questions or message me if you're interested in joining.

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