List all of your character names! *read the instructions*


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Ewell Shadowglade, Elf, Male
Holiday Borgunn, Dwarf, Male
Matthais P. "Sharpshot" Smith, Human, Male
Sir Gareth of the Rock, Human, Male
Fetch, Changeling, Male
Tam Li, Human, Male
Finnegan Takamura, Human (Tuatha Scion), Male

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Limited to active PCs (without classes it looks a bit more odd than it actually is)

Spanner Wrench of Gond, warforged, genderless
Null, warforged, genderless
Blokko, warforged, genderless
Crazy, warforged, genderless
Dealer, warforged, genderless
Word, warforged, genderless
Foundation, warforged, genderless
Combust, warforged, genderless
Battery, warforged, genderless
Bouncer, warforged, genderless
Choppa, warforged, genderless
Grifter, warforged, genderless
Harmonica, warforged, all genders and none


I noticed this thread was resurrected not that long ago. Seeing as how I had some spare time on my hands, I updated the Excel file. I've been trying to get better at using Excel, so I figured out how to create a random name generator on the spreadsheet. You can click a button and it will randomly select one of the ENworld character names :lol:

If anyone has a better way of doing a random generator with Excel, feel free to make me look bad and improve on what I did!

Also, I took the liberty of assigning some names to different races than the poster listed it as. This is because I wanted the list to use in my own campaign and I don't use all the races others might use. A lot of names didn't make the list because the poster didn't follow directions and listed an inappropriate name. But that was a small inconvenience compared to the amount of people that didn't follow directions and wrote their character names in a format that caused me to do a serious amount of editing when pasting their names in the Excel sheet :-S

Anyway, I hope people find this Excel file useful as a name generator :)


  • names.xls
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Enzio Fabarocci, moon elf, male, Wiz 5/EdK 3/AbjCh 3 (ongoing)
Ellascryst, human, female, Rogue/Master Thrower
Herumacil, elf, male, Warblade
Negishi, human, male, fighter/dervish


Filirw Cormobel, halfling, male
Dalimyr Houten, human, male
Tathregalas, half-elf, male
Carter Solonus, human, male
Gaelius, aasimar, male
Khanha'tash, kalashtar, male
Skye Meadowleaf, halfling, female
Brom, half-orc, male
Leoven, human, male
Kellic, changeling, male


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Remus Ironfist, male, Dwarf
Gagni Goldtooth, male, Dwarf
Chade Tealeaf, male, Halfling
Cora Brighteyes, female, Aasimar
Avi Marat, male, Human
Cormant Andreas Treyel, male, Half-Elf
Isobel Savont Le'Annriel, female Eldarin
Domingart, male, Dwarf
Kashannes Lanneset, male, Human
Rastand Jorinsbane, male, Human
Bliss Meltwater, female, Elf
Jimen So, male, Ogre
Ahlizaveth Greenbottle, female, Halfling
Elecandra Greenbottle, female, Halfling
Nash Pinker, male, Gnome
Koun Pinker, female, Gnome
Ra'ah Rijhad, male, Half-Ogre
Kir Teebo, male Duros (Star Wars)
Autarkis Morvant, male (Mage: The Ascension)
Philip Sunbird, male (Mage: The Ascension)
English Thorne, male (Mage: The Ascension)
Scropus Malisente, male, Half-Demon (anime homebrew system)
Jack Faust, male, Half-Demon (same as above)


Limit Break Dancing
Threadromancy is afoot, I see.

Oh well. Here's mine.


Ivann Ironforge, dwarf, male
Eric Storm, human, male
Glen Moonrae, elf, female
Casio Brinn, elf, male
Rebecca Rae, human, female

Pig Champion

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I'll stick to my recent 4e characters. I tend to choose a nickname, and then pick an actual name based on what could have produced the nickname...

Raedinther "Redthorn", Male Arborian(custom "tree" race) Druid

Kitzzk "Kick", Goblin Rogue

Duerik "Dew" or "The Dew", Goliath Warden

Kurik, Bugbear Ranger (and his mount "Shadow")

Lo'Savian "Sal" Merkader, Human Invoker

I photoshopped "Kick" by grabbing a regular gobbo picture, and a dwarf(iirc) image in clothing and changing out the face and adding another dagger - to show what he looked like with and without gear/clothing...


I also did one for Kurik using a bubgear image I found online, a dire wolf, and a bow from some mmo...


A man after my own, goblinoid, heart.

My own list:

Bartz Bittertounge, Half-Orc Bard
Felgaunt Said (Sai-eid), Human Scout
Grempf Arcana, Goblin Wizard/Rogue
Miles Blight, Half-Orc Fighter
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Updated for 4e... this is my whole group: original characters, alternates, the retired and dead.

Geppetto Jack Fagin, Tiefling, male
The Clockwork Dodger, Warforged, none (Geppetto's familiar)
Roxy Huzzah, Goliath, preoperative M-to-F transsexual
Artur Rambo, human, male
Vox Cadaveris, Shadar-Kai, male
Dexter, reanimated corpse hand, none (Vox's familiar)
Christabel, Deva, female

Captain Artichoke, human, male
Bodrin "Lizzy" Lüzmütler, Dwarf, male
Heyoka Jumps-Off-Mountains, Longtooth Shifter, male
Yatagan Fracas, Dragonborn, male
Odanais Dare, human, male
Odanais Dare1, human, male (Odanais from an alternate reality)
Penelope Pindar, human, female

Asarlai, Tiefling, male
Sir Lien Repossessed, Deva, male


Alaundril Kreysmore, Elf, male
Artanis Solean/Clayshaper, Human, male
Ayed, Deva, male
Clariscia/Cassandra Deveraux, Human, female
Demelza Highroad, Halfling, female
Hatrius "Hatch" Harrilyn ir'Korran, Gnome, male
Kar-dim, Genasi, male
Khazid, Dwarf, male
Mogru, Half-orc, female
Rahad, Deva, male
Talasar, Dragonborn, male


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Kirtinthalasan (Kirtin) Goldleaf Silvanesti Cavalier m
Aidan Valsynecrothe Half-Elf Warlord M
Ammends Valsynecrothe Ha-Elf Warlock F (Aidan's twin sis)
Bane Bladefast Human Fighter/Cleric M
Dantel Bladefast Human Knight M
Talarei Near Human Combat Reporter m (d6 SW)
Redleaf Elf Ranger M
Titus Quickfeather Eagleman Assassin m
Calisan Darkreaver Human Jedi m
Malcolm Devereaux Human Mutant m
Tidus Valastar Human Bard m
can anyone guess which one is my favorite character :)


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This is what I can think of off of the top of my head...

Atlas, male, human (hey, I was 12, best I could do!)
Grymar, male, elf
Berek Longlance, male, human (still, just 12 years old :))
Tripwire, male, warforged
Malhabrim, male, human
Astanguard Holastim, male, elf
Qan Yanchanchinki, male, human
Sheh Kinkapak, male, half-orc
Silbrun, male, aasimar
Uilliam, male, human
Petyr Taldir, male, human
Armond d'Achony, male, human

I never realized how many humans I've played. I have more, but my memory is failing me.


Voadam, Human, male
Merrick Garland, Aasimar, male
Miltiades, Human, male
Kordunn Asteroth, dwarf, male
Voadam, Aasimar, male
Conrad Cyr, Tiefling, male
Jakobee Cyr, Human, male
Raggi, Half-Giant, male
Arne, Derro, male
Josea Cabranes, Gnome, male
Robert Sack, Halfling, male
Garn, Half-Orc, male
Snargle, Troll, male
Orman Stahl, Human, male
Loricallior, Elf, male
Kalenestarianthalus Floriandin, Elf, male
Jack Morrow, Half-Elf, male
Xi-Selorn, Giant, male
Kinan Goleman, Half-Ogre, male
Wollf Henger, Aranea, male
Bruce Selya, Human, male
Thoma Griffith, Orc, male
Heartseer Jitock, Pterran, male
Aeligim Telrunya, Elf, male
Hael Boudin, Duergar, male
Konrad Stonefist, Dwarf, male
Snarrek, Troll, male
Aristogoras, Human, male
Enthalus Moonwillow, Elf, male
Haakon, Gargoyle, male
Gregor Hanville, Giant, male
Vanden Hagel, Human, male
Kur Blackfang, Orc, male
Kyron Shadowstalker, Luminous, male
Jaros Blak, Human, male
Harl Gurrok, Dwarf, male
Oban, Dwarf, male

The Green Adam

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I'll chime in...

Names are easy for me to come up with so I'll just do the first few dozen or so that pop into my head as opposed to ones I've already used (what's the challenge in that ;) )

That said...

Aliaera (Human Female)
Argrol of the Wall (Human Male)
Braunwin Breck'Bannon (Human Male)
Calis-Tier RiverSong (Elf Female)
Deepfell Ironhearth (Dwarf Male)
Dulrin Rallindere (Human Male)
Folrick Ace-to-Nine (Human Male)
Gamel FirstOneHome (Half-Elf Male)
Gee-Dren (Half Ogre Female)
Kashimor Grimes (Human Male)
Ketri-Nall NearFollow (Elf Female)
Lowl GreenChildKeeper (Half-Elf Male)
Mamoro Kujibishi (Human Male)
Mothos of the Shore (Human Male)
Norita Mushihara (Human Female)
Nahlra Sutushoon (Human Female)
Peacewoven Stonegrace (Dwarf Female)
Pognolomus (Human Male)
Sheylaran TwilightRest (Elf Female)
Vok-Toll (Half-Ogre Male)

Thats good for of these days I'll do the same for Sci-Fi or Superheroes...I've got alot more of those.

Barking Alien


1e, 2e, 3e, 4e

Romulus Bloodbane, drow, male
Raven Whitemane, drow, female
Sturm Mordax, human, male
Yeege Iuk, human, male

Finn Stumphand, human, male
Finnowyn Highwater, half-elf, male

Ursa Spinecrusher, half-orc, female
Thorgrim Runesmith, dwarf, male
Hagen Fairfax, human, male
Biggen Gurble, halfling, male*

Wormwood bar-Abaddon, tiefling, male

*not my character, but the single most famous character in the 3e game I ran.
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Having only gamed for 2 years, i have had little time to advance my list:

Mcgyvern, Minotaur, Barbarian
Spake, Elf, Ranger
Balasar Nerdbane, Dragonborn, Pally


Rhiannon McXie, Human, Male
Malanoss, 1/2 Elf, Male
Brandis, Human, Male
Delios, Teifling, Male
Silvarian, 1/2 Elf, Male
Xeterog, Dwarf, Male
Kano, Dragonborn, Male
Wayard, Dragonborn, Male

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