Looking for 1-3 newb players for an online asynchronous game - PF1e


You can be new to Pathfinder 1e, you can be new to PBEM, you can be new to both. If you have a good writing style, like roleplaying as much as combat, and are fun to game with, you're who we're looking for. If you're a 5e player, but interested in writing/Pathfinder, we could be who you're looking for!

I'm running The Dragon's Demand module for some PF/PBEM first-timers. We have three players, but need at least one more. Posting rate is (minimum) 1/week, but preferably higher as demand dictates, so if you're busy with life, studies, family, whatever, but want a creative outlet, this game could be for you. While the game itself is PBEM via groups.io, we have a support site for archives, house rules, cast, and things like that, and we chat and roll dice on Discord. If you're interested, PM me your Discord handle and we'll talk!


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