Looking for 3 to 5 players


Looking for 3 to 5 players. I live in Fitchburg but I am all around central eastern mass. Would love to run a game using a non-D 20 system. Prefer Warhammer fantasy role-play or a homebrew system that is contemporary/futuristic Using the world of darkness meta-plot centered around Aberrant.
I am a determined Gen X-er With a host of game experience in my own fully developed worlds in plot open to player driven stories.

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Need Players
I wish we were closer geographically because I'd like to intro you to our game that uses only d10s. (I'm in Vandalia IL and also a Gen X-er, having roots in D&D, Forgotten Realms, Legend of the Five Rings, PlaneScape, etc.). Name of the game is Immortal Empires, where the goal is for the party to work together so that one or more of them can become Emperor/Empress of one of the 5 Ancient Races set in a magical and backstabbing Imperial Rome (initially)... We also published our Steampunk expansion, and are working on our Cyber Age book (for which I desperately need playtesters in person to enjoy weekends and camaraderie and pizza, lol, while we game around a table with our dice in hand. Also, you caught my eye with your "StoryTeller" moniker, because that's what we call GMs in our game: Storytellers. Would like to learn more of your worlds -- our 'parallel universe' is also greatly developed and we run open plots with player driven stories as well! So much so, that I was able to write and publish (so far) FOUR novels of their gaming experience in a series (of their playtesting actually!). Anyway, hope to hear back from you regardless of game preference! Name is Ben.

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