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D&D 5E Looking for curse...


I’m looking for a curse to afflict my players with. I don’t foresee them to be affected for much more than half a session, or the whole session at most, but the time where they are afflicted should build-up to a high stake, high stress climax. So I’m looking for a lethal curse that can kill in a relatively short time.

So far the best I’ve found is the mummy’s rotting touch. I’m looking for other options, ideally RAW or translated from an older edition, but I’m not turning down homebrewed suggestions.

Players (3) are 6th level with no access to remove curse spell and no access to a NPC priest, although there is a multiclassed clerc who has access to 2nd level spells (but has a tense relation with his god). Other players are artillerist artificer and hexblade warlock.

I’m expecting them to cook-up some countercurse in one way or another, so homebrewed curses could also suggest a counter curse or release conditions.


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Mummy rot is definitely lethal. It killed one of our 4th level party members (who has been playing the ghost of his character since then, until we find a way to get his dust remains resurrected). Without access to remove curse or an NPC to deal with it, they couldn't really think up anything, so they just had to watch him die.

If you want them to actually be able to come up with a solution, you probably want to think up one ahead of time.

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