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Recruiting for an online game for Pathfinder 2e in the Oceanic timezone
We are a dedicated and solid group just finishing up a campaign and looking to swap to Pathfinder 2e for our next upcoming campaign. 2 slots free with 3 players already signed up (2 original one new recruit)
We are looking to run Strength of Thousands over the Foundry VTT (no license needed for players, just a browser) using Discord as our VoIP program. System is easy to learn and flexible. All you need is imagination and a desire for adventure
6:30pm (Sydney timeslot) till 9:30-10pm
Feel free to message me on discord for more information if this game suits you. We have one original player from another timezone so as long as you can make it weekly the spot is yours if your keen.
Will be doing a session 0 once we have the player numbers.

Discord ID: Celedal#3299

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