Looking for specific product: "Easily insertable encounters/scenarios"


I'm running 5E, but it could be of any edition. The title says it all, but to expand a bit. I want something that I can just pull up on my computer, or in a book form, and grab an encounter or short scenario and just plop it into my game as a detour, diversion, flavor, etc. Obviously something more than just a wandering monster - but perhaps an encounter involving that monster and their lair, or a ruined cottage with a scary inhabitant, or an old well with something lurking in it, or something a bit more.

I'm reminded of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy and how each hex has something going on. That sort of thing, but with the details spelled out a bit so I don't have to do the leg-work. To put all of this another way, I'm looking for something to spruce up the "in-between" parts of the game and travel time - something more than wandering monsters, but a bit less than a full adventure module.

I'm guessing that there are plenty of such products on RPG Now and such, but can anyone recommend anything in particular? Thanks.

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There was a set of encounters released for 2nd Edition you might like, but converting to 5th Edition will make it much less useful. I would suggest you make your own. Just brainstorm and make encounters and whatever else you like, starting with terrain types, or adventure scenarios. At first, you'll have just a few ideas, but if you keep doing this you will have your own library.


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I think older wotc game store encounters are online. The 4e book of encounters is hit and miss. I know I have a pdf from someone at home. .....pm me and remind me to check.


1edADnD DMG (1979 revised). random tables.
they sold products for this too. like the dungeon geomorphs or wilderness geomorphs.

The 3E era had a "Book of Challenges" product that was a collection of set piece encounters.

There have been similar roducts over the years but that's the first one that comes to mind.


I've used Eden Odyssey Studio's "Wonders Out of Time" - a d20 product that might still be kicking around in someone's used or clearance gameshop.

If you have D1-2 and/or D3, both have some nice underdark vignettes.

From the Ashes (a GH boxed set) is available from D&D classics. I don't know if the PDF version has all the content, but in the physical version there are two-sided encounter cards (the City of Greyhawk boxed set had these too, but it's not available yet), and also a few scenarios in one of the books. (These are statted for AD&D.)


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Good options. If you exhaust them, check out The One Ring. It has cool traveling rules.
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