D&D 5E Lost Mine of Phandelver (pretty much the worst adventure title in the history of D&D)

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Krampus ate my d20s
Worst Titles or jus worst starter adventure title?

Terrible Trouble at Tragidor still wins, if only for the asinine alliterative acrobatics.


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and, don't forget, "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth"

Lost Caverns.jpg


Is it supposed to be:


Doesn't this seem kind of deliberate?
Yeah, leads one to think they want some phan fiction and such. What I find most disturbing is that there seems to be a whole "Phan-splat" family of places (and characters?) in development. Maybe there will be a complete phantasy world? Artifacts such as the Phan-Belt of Phandango...

Really? I don't think the name is that bad. Anyway I wouldn't judge it by its name. I've read most of it, and so far I'm impressed. Sandbox style adventure, lots of opportunities for roleplaying, lots of different mini quests. It blows Keep of the Shadowfell and other "starter" adventures away.

The adventure title is kind of bad but not a big deal. What is a bigger deal is editing. I have only starting reading through the adventure a bit last night. There were several facepalm moments already and I'm only on page 12.

ADVENTURE SPOILERS!!!! [Cannot locate spoiler tags] :(

GM: The start of the adventure mentions what would happen if the PCs were overcome by the first goblin encounter- they would be knocked out and completely looted.

Then is says the PCs could buy new equipment in the town nearby. With WHAT? :p

The goblin hideout area 2 has a thicket that the descriptive text says provides 3/4 cover. Further down, the thicket info block says that it provides 1/2 cover. Which is it?

The boxed text of area 3 of the hideout mentions 2 wolves. The DM description of the area says there are 3 wolves. ??

I have not read much past that. Consistency & content editing which needs to be done by a human doesn't look very good on this one so far.

And will we see errata to correct spell names too? Phireball. Phlame strike.


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Is it supposed to be:


Doesn't this seem kind of deliberate?

The name has been part of FR lore for 20+ years so I don't think so. Google "Phandelver's Pact" for more info, or check The North boxed set which was a legally free download for many years so lurks on many a hard drive.


Damn I need to get my kick starter up for

" Against the Hall of the Giant King Who Beats the Party to a Bloody Pulp and Uses Their Bodies for Perverted Sexual Fetishes"

I call it "AtHotGKWBtPtaBPaUTBfPSF" for short. The BBEG is a Kender Ninja using a Katana that deals 1d100 damage.
Hmmm....damage seems a bit swingy. :)

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