Lost Tomes, Lore and Lost Magics of the Forgotten Realms


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Lost Tomes, now available on the DMs Guild for $1.95!

Lost Tomes presents ten unique and powerful magical books granting powerful abilities scattered across the Forgotten Realms. The stories and lore behind the famous (and infamous) writing of each tome is presented by the dwarven scholar Rangrim Axebeard, loremaster, polymath and berserker. From the handy Adventurer's Guidebook to the sinister Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy, each tome represents a unique addition to the rich lore of the Forgotten Realms. Story hooks for acquiring (or destroying) each tome is given in each lore entry.

Also included are the statistics for the cosmically powerful yet extremely polite Empyrean Spider, the Inevitable tasked by Ao Himself to repair cracks in reality and punish those who create those cracks.



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