Blog (A5E) Meet Cenya the Elf Bard


Well, that was fun
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Stonesinger Cenya is one of the pregenerated characters which will be available for free from the Level Up website. She is a shadow elf bard. Cenya was designed by Level Up designer Cassandra MacDonald. Don’t forget, the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Kickstarter is currently live!


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Really nice!

Battle hymn is a very interesting and characteristic feature, literally a courage infusing performance!
Voice Specialty is just awesome, spells are less likely to be wasted after just 1 round
Bardic Inspiration: What kind of action is it? Is the inspiration die rolled after the original die is rolled, but before the result is known?
Harmonic resonance: this is a very interesting spell! Especially because it complements and augments a class feature

Also, from a less mechanical point of view: the backgrounds are much more interesting than o5e, and actually help the Narrator into waving the the past of the character into the story.


Critical Evaluation is absolutely Brilliant, keying off the same facet of the Class Fantasy as Bardic Knowledge but in a more unique and active fashion. I love being able to get hard numbers on things.

Harmonic Resonance is SUPER interesting and feels like a Bard Spell in a more meaningful way than 'Spell on the Bard's list', which I hope there's more of in general. On the other hand, if other Classes can take it too and it just works best when there is a Bard in the party, the feeling of coordination would be phenomenal. Especially on say, an Arcane Trickster Rogue with few spell slots but can make the most out of one of them in conjunction with the party's Bard.


have a snickers
Looks interesting! I haven't done a thorough read-through, but I did notice the description for Heroism doesn't list a duration, while Harmonic Resonance does.


I mostly like it, although I'm still not a fan of the Hit Dice mechanic but I guess that ship already sailed.

One minor thing, though:

You may or may not want to reconsider that name.

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