D&D 5E M'jal's Mighty Tome


Hey all, I've been working on a load of homebrew content for my D&D games (created using the Homebrewery website), and wanted to share it. This is still a work in progress, and I haven't had the opportunity to playtest this material. I strongly suspect some of it is stronger than existing material (which in some cases is deliberate). If you have a moment, please provide any feedback you can - it's pretty large (128 pages), so don't feel obligated to comment on the whole thing - even commenting on a single feature will be helpful!

BTW, for the curious, M'jal is one of the "mighty mages" of my homebrew campaign. He's a character somewhat akin to Mordenkainen - an aloof, powerful mage seeking power for its own sake. He exists alongside the likes of other powerful spellcasters such as Stormonu, Kirk Rousenforge, Black Marentail and Telsar, of which you may see some mention.

Direct Link: Races - The Homebrewery (Works best with Chrome) [Link updated]
Also, Spells - The Homebrewery
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Just curious, which things are deliberately stronger, and what was your reason for that?
Hard to remember exactly, as there was a lot I was working on. I do remember I gave some slight boosts to the various fighting styles to have them improve through proficiency modifier; I have homebrew rules that make the Battlemaster 7th level ability a joke (houserule is a bonus action to use a skill check to determine features of a creature/enemy), and options for more powerful minions (especially the Ranger's companion).


Lots of good, evocative stuff here Stormonu, it is very large as you say. I have my own homebrew stuff and so am looking at what I can use. Heres a few thoughts.

I didn’t look at the races much And in my games I virtually ban pets and summoned creatures so can’t comment on them (I have 6-8 players).
I think the Mage Slayer Barbarian abilities are very nice - I might put them in magic items.
I like how with bards you use their inspiration as a way to power other abilities, that’s a solid mechanic - like the divine bards channel divinity - but it does make them better at it than clerics so maybe include the same 1 or 2 per short rest limit.
Lots of good clerical domains - channel divinity heroic blessing just a straight bless spell wouldn’t be overpowered imo maybe non concentration?
For death domain it’s way too weak when compared to light domains, (30 ft, all hostiles (you don’t have to see them and it ignores allies), +1 damage per level and a very good damage type.
I like the idea of diseased domain but it’s a bit weak maybe too short a duration effect and why visible to you? - viruses have blindsight!


I've continued working on this document, and have split it into several sections. I'd include a PDF, but it's too big. Always looking for comments!


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Wow, this is a real cornucopia! You're been really productive. It will take a while to go through it all, I'm just going to skim a few things to have some comments and then will go back for a deeper read.

First thing I noticed is that you are using the original racial ability scores. Was that just because these came out before Tasha's or do you want to stay with that for all races? (No judgement either way - just curious on your intent.)

Hey, under two of the Dragonfolk subraces you have "Natural Armor. If you wear no armor, your base AC is 14." That's the same basic terminology as the tortle, where it's a flat AC and you can't add your DEX. Normally when replacing it would show something like "14 + DEX" like the Mage Armor spell. Or did you intend that to be a flat option without DEX?

Love the flavor of the Hellchilde.

I was scrolling past the bounty of the classes section when I saw Bladesinger. I was curious if it was a new creation or based off the SCAG or Tasha's version, and then I noticed it's under a whole new Battlemage class. Excited to have the time to read through these in detail.

Question - do you allow multiclassing?

Wow, a good number of domains as well.

Skimming the Combat section. Please look away as I steal Avenge right here and now for my own game.

Oh my, what grants the DOOMED condition? Besides the evil ploys that I as DM have. Muhahahahahaha!!! cough I mean, how interesting. :p

You have a real plethora of stuff here, it will take time to give feedback. But what I've seen so far is flavorful and invites further examination.


Thanks for the comments! -

Will have to fix the Dragonfolk AC, as you should get the benefit of Dex (and shield).

I am using the PHB racial scores, I don’t use Tashas (with the exception of subclasses).

I dislike 5E multiclassing (more of a very strong discouragement than ban), so there are several subclasses and feats to replace “dipping” and multiclassing.

As for the Doomed condition, that came from a comment from Morrus and will appear as an ability on some monsters I’m working on, and I believe I made it an option to apply the condition for the bestow curse spell.

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