mmmmm..... Cadbury Cream Eggs.....

Relique du Madde

ssampier said:
No Peeps for me, marshmallows makes me sick.

Chocolate rabbits for me:

Hollow Chocolate bunnies makes baby jebus cry.

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Wulf Ratbane said:

I can't even enjoy them.

Yep, me too. The thought of them makes me a tad ill, in fact.

And I'm not sure what they cost in the States, but they're a buck a piece up here! Crazy!

Tolen Mar

First Post
See, I never saw the attraction to peeps.

Lets face it, if I really want marshmallows rolled in sugar, I can just go buy a bag of marshmallows and roll them in sugar, I don't have to wait for easter candies to start showing up.

Tolen Mar

First Post
Just got back from the weekly grocery run. They had 1 and only 1 creme egg in the 3 for a dollar bin. They'd be happy to sell me a 4-pack for 2 bucks...

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