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Modern5E Launching with Alt. Cover Art by Larry Elmore!


God doesn't play dice with the universe, gamers do
For more information, please visit ... https://shop.juxtagames.com/pages/kickstarter


Modern5E [M5E] is a 'modern' OGL retro-clone updated to the 5th Edition game mechanics, design methodology, and lightweight, easy-to-adopt standards. Modern5E, as allowed under the Open Game License by Wizards of the Coast, will utilize classic 'modern' SRD [Standard Reference Document] content - in combination with the D&D SRD v5.1 - to create a unique ruleset for modern action-adventure!


Like the original works, this new sandbox edition allows game masters to run modern campaigns in the midsts of any contemporary setting. Examples of gameplay include military-style adventures using characters from any branch of the Special Forces, or perhaps a unique spy campaign using characters from the British Secret Service. The options and combinations are endless. Future publications will expand the game into many gameplay styles and genres.

We only add to the game, we don't change it!​

What really sets Modern5E apart from other modern 5th Edition games is its compatibility with the parent 5E ruleset. We have specifically retained all 5E rules and avoided making any proprietary changes to the game. Our primary goal is to leave the current 5th Edition mechanics intact and instead adopt and extend the current 5E ruleset into Modern5E, leaving the hybrid-system entirely backward compatible with 5th Edition. This unity will allow game masters to add virtually any 5E content 'as-is' from other compatible supplements. In fact, under Modern5E, game masters can expand their games using any of the officially published 5E material. Nearly all 5th Edition elements like monsters, races, classes, backgrounds, feats, spells, magic items, armor, weapons, gear, and more remain perfectly compatible. Plus, as long as the 5E engine and methodologies remain intact, this compatibility also extends to future publications and 3rd-party material as well.


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