Normally I would contribute something like a few cases of soda, chips, maybe some dessert snacks when our group would meet up for a session and pizza as the main dish often except for when the house owner would cook something

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I DM a bunch of foodies but am not one myself; so there's always piles of food getting in the way of the game and being thoroughly enjoyed by all except myself and one non-foodie player - we just share some chips.

For beer etc. it's bring yer own, though one of my players always brings more than he needs to and is generous about sharing.


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Chips or cookies. We used to also supply soda until a few players (who never brought anything themselves) started to complain about the soda choices that we provided at which time it switched to bring-your-own.

As a DM, I am the host. I always have some drinks in my fridge, and my players are free to bring their own food and drinks to add to the pile. I'm not going to check if everyone brought something. There is only so much we can eat and drink in one evening.

We tend to have soda, coffee, cookies, chips, muffins, waffles, but no alcohol.
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I prefer to host, but not to run. I don't always get what I want.

When I host, I make sure that the refrigerator is stocked with drinks that the other players and myself like (whether that is tea or carbonated beverages or booze of various sorts). I also do a cheap and easy foodstuff of some sort (grill some wieners, deep fry some raviolis, make a giant sandwich) or my wife will do something more complicated (meatballs or tacos or spaghetti, usually along with some sort of pie or cake or cookies). Sometimes the other players also bring a foodstuff or a drinks.

When I am not hosting, I make sure that I bring a thing (a chips or a cookies or a bunch of drinks), and that I have anything that I might need for myself. Other players may or may not do this.

I don't think that it is necessarily required to bring things to the game to share or to provide for the people that you are hosting, but if something is going to be required (or expected), then that should be communicated and agreed to by everyone involved. I am not fussed if player C never brings anything to the game, but always drinks the drinks that I provide. But if I was, I should darn well have made it clear that players needed to bring things to consume beforehand.

I DM and host, and I generally keep some chips and salsa on hand just in case. My current group only has a few hours a week to game, so usually we all eat beforehand so we don't take up too much game time on food. I always keep some water and juice, but I try not to drink too much soda, so that's up to anyone who wants some during the game.


We don't have any distinction between GM and the rest of the players. We are all friends having fun together; it's not like somebody's an entertainer and somebody pays them for that.

Typically, everybody brings some drinks or snacks and we order a pizza together. Sometimes the host prepares something for everybody instead of the pizza.

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