Moving to Jersey City, looking for a group


Hi all,

I'll be moving to Jersey City in early August to take a job in Manhattan. I'm looking to continue gaming on the weekends and am hoping to find a good group to play with regularly.

I am 31 and just finished my PhD in sociology. I like to think I have good social skills and a good sense of humor and I am laid-back at the gaming table (I abhor rules-lawyering). I enjoy character optimization but I don't let it get in the way of a character concept or the DM's campaign world. I'm not the strongest roleplayer out there but I am perfectly happy to speak in character and I do try to avoid meta-gaming as much as possible. Basically I am looking for a group of fun people to hang out with, and "geek out."

I've been playing 4e for the last few years and prefer it but would also be happy to join a Pathfinder or 3.5e game; I enjoy those systems too though I am a bit rusty. I am also happy to learn new systems and have played All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Descent and Full Thrust with previous groups from time to time.

Oh and I am happy to run one-shot adventures or very short campaigns from time to time if the primary DM needs a short break. It would probably be modules though; Given the new job, I doubt I will have time to write up my own world/adventures for a while.

Please send me a message if you think I'd be a good fit for your group.:)

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I currently live in Cliffside Park, but GM a game in NYC/Astoria. The information of the campaign is in my profile; the group is in their mid 30s and pretty consistent; we play about once every 3 weeks on the weekends. If interested, shoot me an email: ppanavalli AT Gmail.


Ok, Saphlyx + his contact + Swny Nerdgasm + me makes four players in Jersey City. If we can find another 1-2 people and someone is willing to be the GM, we got ourselves a game. Any other takers?

Swny Nerdgasm

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depending on my other groups go, I'd have no problem running a game, but since I at the moment am running three semi-regular groups(A Pathfinder, a Call of Cthulhu, and a HEX game.) I may be running full speed into some GM burn-out and would probably be better suited as a player at the moment.

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