Release [Mythras] Fioracitta, the Heart of Power - Now Available

Fioracitta, the latest campaign setting for Mythras, is here. A complete fantasy city, inspired by the Italian city states of the Renaissance, Fioracitta: The Heart of Power, explores the city, its people, long history, myths, gods, and perhaps most importantly, magic, in evocative detail. Explore how Fioracitta came to dominate the surrounding lands of Ittara; the many factions that vie for control; the enigmatic non-human species who call Fioracitta home; the gods and goddesses who may be ambivalent to their worshippers, or subtly directing their fates.

This is a detailed, but amazingly accessible setting for the Mythras RPG, but can be comfortably integrated into many other fantasy roleplaying system campaigns. Fioracitta offers guidance for creating Fioracittan characters; cabals and secret societies; generating specific historical events to make every campaign unique; and provides a compelling backdrop to campaigns dripping with intrigue and adventure, magic and tragedy.

Join us in Fioracitta’s streets. The book is available from DrivethruRPG in hard and softcover, and The Design Mechanism webstore in hardcover. The PDF is included free with all print purchases.

230 pages

$48.99 hardcover
$38.99 softcover
$15.99 PDF only


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