Need suggestions for a summer character...


Hey all,

Anyone want to chime in on some ideas for a character. Here's the lowdown.

Game will be running this summer only. I'll be playing a fighter-type, but I'd like to add a little bit of something else/versatility to him. Not a big fan of the big thwomper who has nothing else to contribute, and I haven't played fighters much in 3rd Ed. Characters will be starting at 7th level. Homebrew world, with a relatively broad pantheon. Savage Species is allowable with some restriction (so if you have any particular thoughts, let me know, and I'll bounce them off the DM). It's a magic-average world.

Any thoughts? I've kind of hit a road-block mentally, and I'm looking for some ideas to jump-start the ol' creative engine.


All WotC splat books allowed. And the DM might be okay with Dragon prestige classes, equipment, etc.
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