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Howdy All,

The third episode of the When We Were Wizards podcast just dropped and reviews are in on the first two episodes--listeners love them! Our audience is growing every day and we are grateful to those listening.

Here are some of the reviews we received for episodes 1 and 2:

• Very well edited and enjoyable so far. The episodes seem much shorter than they are because the subject matter is presented the way it is.
• I love your podcast!
• Brilliant podcast.
• Wow! Amazing job!!!!
• Very professional. You left me on a cliffhanger!!! When can I listen to the next episode!!!
• I listed to most of the first one this morning. Very interesting and well professionally done. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is top shelf!
• I’ve listened to your excellent podcast twice! I’ve also been promoting it on social media as I think you are really into something here. I had considered myself fairly well versed in the TSR/D&D origin story but your podcast has been highly educational.
• This is so damn cool. Thanks for doing this.
• Just about done with the first episode. Digging it so far, and there was plenty of information new to me. The portrait of Gary Gygax being painted definitely doesn't veer into hagiography.
• Really enjoying the podcast. An excellent look at the early days of the game
• I’ve been enjoying the series. I look forward to more.
• Just finished the first two episodes. This is excellent, well-sourced history in eminently listenable podcast form. Focusing on Gary Gygax’s life snaps the narrative into a much tighter focus than the more sprawling books by Peterson and others. Nonetheless, Mary Jo, Arneson, Wesely, Megarry, and others are given ample voice and not minimized or dismissed. I’m hoping the rest of the series is equally good. Also, some of Gary’s experiences in Chicago go a long way toward explaining why the AD&D random encounter tables for cities are so dangerous!
• Very good podcast. I thought I knew the TSR/D&D origin story but this podcast has lots of new information. Highly recommended. What is the release schedule for new episodes?
• I recommended the “When We Were Wizards” podcast to one of the members of my original gaming group. Fortuitously, he’s gotten interested in the history and background of D&D just within the last few weeks. The timing on the podcast dropping was remarkable.
• I finished the first two and I’m anxiously awaiting my podcast app to grab the next one!
• I've enjoyed the first two episodes. Eagerly awaiting the next!
• I listened to the first episode the other day and enjoyed it. I expect I'll get to episode two this week.
• I am on my second episode of the podcast. I'm finding it very interesting, therefore I'm still listening to it even though I knew nothing about it beforehand.
• I really am enjoying this podcast.
• It was neat hearing new stuff from people like Mary Jo, Rob Kuntz, and others. I've read Jon Peterson's books and Empire of Imagination, and lots of Gary's Q&A posts and other old school folks online, but there's still new stuff to learn. I expect I'll get to episode two this week.
• Really enjoyed the first two episodes. Looking forward to the next one coming out!
• So professional. This is outstanding. Player/DM since 1978.
• Love this! Next episode please!!!
• This is great. I can't wait to see what direction you take future installments.
• Are you telling me are there only two episodes! When is the next one coming out? The suspense is killing me.
• I just had a chance to listen to your first episode, and it is great! You did a wonderful job weaving the various interviews into a clear, engaging narrative. I will highly recommend this to my friends!
• I've listened to the first two episodes and they're really enjoyable. Looking forward to hearing more. Thank you for sharing the history of D&D.
• Episode 2 is fantastic, really almost get goosbumps because this is the moment. The moment that seems to launch what we know today. Can't wait for more. Great production sound, edits, narration, interviews, chronology, historical, context. You nailed it.

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