Release New For Villains and Vigilantes - Renegade


Here's our latest release for use with FGU's Villains and Vigilantes, the villainous mercenary Renegade

Hostile Intent: Renegade


When a hard hitting Marine is expelled from the Corps, he becomes an A-List mercenary. After a horrific injury, he is given a new bang with cybernetics! Now outfitted with next generation tech, he becomes a soldier of fortune for those that can afford the Renegade.

Written by Dominique Sumner, with full color art by Gregory Scott James, and layout by Walt Robillard. Each volume of Hostile Intent presents an extensively detailed character, or villainous organization, that can be seamlessly integrated into Villains and Vigilantes roleplaying game; from a one-shot adventure to an ongoing campaign. From New Millennium Games - Published by HAZARD Studios


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