Release New For Villains & Vigilantes - Polymer


Our latest release for Villains & Vigilantes

Hostile Intent: Polymer


After an accident leaves Dr. Norman Sellers with a broken body and a shattered family, he swears revenge on those responsible. Downloading into an experimental android, he has become a threat to those he blames for his current state as well as an asset to his, "silent partners," as POLYMER!

Written by Dominique Sumner, with full color art by Joe Singleton, and layout by Walt Robillard. Each volume of Hostile Intent presents an extensively detailed character, or villainous organization, that can be seamlessly integrated into Villains and Vigilantes roleplaying game; from a one-shot adventure to an ongoing campaign. From New Millennium Games - Published by HAZARD Studios


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If any of you guys are picking these up, I'd really love to hear what you think of them. Any feedback you could provide would be appreciated.

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