New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 4th June 2018

Welcome back to this weeks rundown of the games hitting stores this week, as well as a look back at last weeks RPG PDF releases! The new edition of RuneQuest, as well as EN Publishing's own Modern Action RPG 'N.O.W.' came out in PDF last week, whilst we see a new sourcebook for the Mystic career path released for Star Wars: Force & Destiny in print! Check out the full list of board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games below!


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RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha
Core Rulebook
By Chaosium

Get started in RuneQyest with this beautiful full-color PDF!

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is an all-new edition of one of the world’s most influential and acclaimed fantasy roleplaying games. First appearing almost 40 years ago, RuneQuest is as dynamic and vital as ever. This all-new, deluxe edition introduces RuneQuest and its setting of Glorantha to new players everywhere.

Try out a skill-based percentile system that balances experience-based progression with deadly combat!

The core rules of RuneQuest are essential for players and gamemasters, as they contain all the rules for character creation, starting homelands, background history, professions, skills, starting Runes and magic, and the cults and gods whose influence will define your character’s activities. Further, the rules for character advancement are contained here, for the times between adventures.

Players will want this book to create their unique characters, diving into sorcery, picking their cult, or taking up shamanism to converse with mysterious spirits.

Gamemasters need this book, as it contains the core rules for the game, including task resolution, combat, and damage, as well as guidelines for special situations in combat, such as formations and chariots. These core rules are designed to be used in conjunction with the upcoming Glorantha Bestiary and the RuneQuest Gamemaster Pack and Screen.

Here are some useful downloads that are included with your purchase:​

  • [*=center]RuneQuest Glorantha Character Sheet
    [*=center]Character Background Worksheet
    [*=center]Holdings/Family/Allies sheet
    [*=center]Glorantha Bestiary Sample

For gamemasters wanting to jump right in, the RuneQuest Quickstart contains a complete adventure suitable for new characters, and we have included a preview of monsters and creatures from the Glorantha Bestiary provides a few classic creatures.

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N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game
Core Rulebook
By EN Publishing


  • [*=center]Elite spies fight ninjas on snow-covered rooftops.
    [*=center]Martial-artists perform incredible chi-powered feats.
    [*=center]Technology-laden burglars infiltrate wealthy corporations.
    [*=center]Mutants with extra-ordinary powers hide themselves from the public.
    [*=center]Soldiers of fortune help those who cannot help themselves.
    [*=center]Dark vigilantes prowl the night, hunting cowardly criminals.
    [*=center]Artificially enhanced operatives work deep behind enemy lines.
    [*=center]Rugged explorers uncover ancient ruins and long-lost treasures.
    [*=center]Lone crusaders investigate crimes where the authorities cannot.

Play a secret agent, a weary investigator, an elite hacker, or a shadowy ninja. Are you a roving reporter, a kung-fu expert, or a weathered soldier? Dozen of modern careers await you!

This roleplaying game allows you to create and run adventures in any modern setting, from the late 1800s to the 21st century.

  • [*=center]Four heritages (Human, Mutant, Augmented, and Chosen) and dozens of careers from lawyers to ninjas which allow you to create any modern character with a fun, intuitive life-path system.
    [*=center]A wide variety of modern equipment, from the weapons of WW2 to the high-tech gadgets of secret agents. Drive an Aston Martin DB5, brandish a Magnum .45, or use an experimental jetpack.
    [*=center]Full rules for running the game, including fast but tactical combat, environments, and extended martial arts and vehicle rules.
    [*=center]Extensive guidelines for building your own contemporary game setting, including rules of creating careers, foes, and more, with discussions concerning genre, themes and technology.

Whether you're an elite team operating undercover, a military unit, a group of vampire hunters, or apocalyptic survivors, N.O.W. has you covered!

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Lands of Gold and Fire
7th Sea Supplement
By John Wick Presents

Woe to any who dare despoil the lands of gold and fire,
For Ifrians value freedom, and the divine is always close...

For centuries the foolish have sought to rip the riches from Ifri, but none have been successful...until now. A timeless evil called Bonsam, has partnered with the Atabean Trading Company in an attempt to exploit the lands of Gold and Fire. Demonic bonsam stones are mined from the earth in Mbey, where a broken King serves an unholy combination of evil and despotic greed.

Heroes will find themselves aided in their adventures by the mysterious and powerful Jok, who stand behind their chosen champions. Prepare to battle for the soul of Ifri, from glittering deserts, stunning jungles, and the vast open sea.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fire including new mechanics for Backgrounds, Advantages, Arcana, Stories, Dueling styles, and Sorceries. It also includes the five Nations of Ifri:​

  • [*=center]Manden, a land overflowing with gold, with a keen eye for international diplomacy.
    [*=center]Mbey, a once great nation now controlled by an ancient evil which threatens all of Terra.
    [*=center]Maghreb, whose beloved Blue Queen reigns over a desert land with a fierce soul.
    [*=center]Aksum where logic combines with sorcery to create a strategic and effective empire.
    [*=center]Khemet where darkness shrouds an ancient empire and a Prince seeks to bring the light.

A shadow has cast its shape across the glorious lands of Gold and Fire, will you join the fight to dispel it?

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Band of Blades, Digital Edition Early Access
Blades in the Dark setting
By Off Guard Games


This is the digital early access edition of the game! You will REQUIRE the Blades in the Dark core book (or the SRD found at in order to play.

When you purchase this product, you'll receive a PDF of the game in progress as well as every update of the PDF, including the final, complete version of the game. The current version 1.0 is very new! The Early Access version is being provided for fans and early adopters who want to try it before the final version is released in the coming months.

Band of Blades is a dark military fantasy game—forged in the dark.

It's a game about the remnants of a mercenary band named the Legion, retreating from a failed offensive and armies of undead. The Cinder King's generals (called the Broken) give chase across the nation of Aldermark and our Legionnaires fight fresh horrors every night.

There are offensives, maneuvers, unwise bargains, desperate gambits, horrifying costs, and the ever-ticking clock as the Legion attempts to make it to Skydagger Keep before the pass is cut off, or the undead slip by.

We play to find out if our Legion can outwit, outrun, and outlast the endless hordes of undead while rationing dwindling supplies, risking daring operations, and whether they will make a difference in the outcome of this war. Gameplay focuses on military operations called missions.

A session of play usually consists of a primary and secondary mission, followed by campaign actions for the Legion and their generals. In Band of Blades, each player takes on two roles.

The first is the role of a general of the Legion, either Commanding the Legion to follow specific routes, Marshaling the troops to perform missions, Quartermastering the precious resources of the army, Spymastering the intel gathered in the field, or Lorekeeping the histories of the Legion.

The second is the role of a rookie, soldier or specialist on one of the missions the Commander picks.

Forward march, soldier. The Kingdoms of the East are depending on you.

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Core Rulebook
By Eschaton Media


You’re a normal kid in a normal town, until things change. Until the strangeness sets in.

ReMemorex is a tabletop roleplaying game of suburban 80’s horror. Experience late-cold war-era fears as evoked by greats like Spielberg, Carpenter, King, and the Duffer Bros. Relive the existential dread of a latch-key generation with this fun new game by Nerdy City and Eschaton Media. ReMemorex uses six-sided dice, paper and pencils to re-create the feel of the trope-heavy earnestness of VHS cinema, in a collaborative storytelling experience set in the suburban streets and cul-de-sacs of 1980s America. You and your friends will all build your story together. Sometimes, through the magic of an effect known as a Tracking Error, you might find you have the most power when your character isn’t even present.

This book is a narrative-driven storytelling game designed to evoke the warm memories of a lost genre of adventure. The VHS era brought with it a certain specific type of hero: kids with nothing but the power of heart and the help of their friends. The genre is nostalgia, from Trapper Keepers to MTV to Mr. T. ReMemorex is about telling stories in an America where cynicism hadn’t yet eclipsed fantasy. The children of the Eighties played outside and pretended to be robots, ponies or soldiers. The floor was always lava. They were often left to their own devices and sometimes, just sometimes, they found monsters in the sewers.

You’ll start in the fictional town of Clearfield, Delaware, a town of station wagons and treehouses and bikes in the woods. It’s a town where a generation dreams in neon and chrome, but gets up every morning to learn social studies and races home to watch cartoons with sugary cereal. Everything is fine...until the Strangeling comes. You might be a brain, an athlete, a princess, a criminal or a basket case, but you’re still a regular kid attending school. You have normal problems: avoiding bullies and collecting stickers or GI Joe guys, or hanging out at the mall and making sure the right person asks you to the homecoming dance. Then something strange comes into your normal suburban life, something weird, something Other, that forces you to do things you didn’t think you could do. You rise to the challenge of saving the newcomer who has come to you, a normal suburban kid, for salvation. Your journey begins here. Welcome to ReMemorex.

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Vagabonds of Dyfed
Core Rulebook
By Sigil Stone Publishing

An unholy union between the OSR and PbtA. A modern take on fantasy rpgs compatible with the classics.

Vagabonds of Dyfed is designed to emulate old-school rpgs with streamlined mechanics. It focuses on “traditional” emergent storytelling and fictional positioning, while leveraging a cut-down Powered by the Apocalypse mechanic.
Vagabonds picks the pockets of greater games: World of Dungeons, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Barbarians of Lemuria, Blades in the Dark, City of Mist, the Black Hack and the White Hack, and of course Moldvay’s venerable Basic.

  • [*=center]Less swingy and random than most d20 games
    [*=center]Easy rules for tactics, clever approaches, and problem solving
    [*=center]Players roll everything (usually)
    [*=center]A single roll for attack and damage (which scales)

The game is (mostly) mechanically compatible with OSR retroclones, but benefits from a non-binary PbtA style system.

  • [*=center]A single PbtA “move” core: 2d6 + mod, tiered results
    [*=center]Player-generated traits instead of playbooks or attributes
    [*=center]High character lethality (low HP, old school damage)
    [*=center]Strong GM authority (permissions, GM adjudication)

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Wicked Pacts – A Modern Day Game of Magic
Core Rulebook
By The Polyhedral Knights

Wicked Pacts is a tabletop roleplaying game about mages, criminals, and about how far you'll go to see that real justice gets done--all set against a backdrop of covert wars, occult powers, and supernatural menace. It is the third game by the Polyhedral Knights, providing players with an easy-to-learn system, satisfyingly deep gameplay, and a pulpy, old-school feel--all set against a backdrop of magic, mistrust, and gun smoke.

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Children of the Fall
Core Rulebook
By Frenzy Kitty Games

In Children of the Fall, the players play as the survivors of an apocalypse that has turned all the adults on the planet into evil, bloodthirsty savages known as the fallen. As a group, the players will explore and develop the world and story together in a completely collaborative system. Players will need to keep an eye on the ever shifting hierarchy of their tribe, build and grow their haven and do the jobs that need doing to ensure the tribe’s survival. Agency is shared amongst the players, and the game uses a brand new streamlined and simple rule set, which keeps all the players engaged in every scene.

Children of the Fall is designed for 3-5 players. It is a GMless story game. Sessions take 120-240 minutes to complete. Unlike many traditional story games, Children of the Fall has support for one shot and campaign styles of play.

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Core Rulebook
By Nathan Quill

MIDDENARDE takes place in 15th century England, a land rife with turmoil, where folk live and die by the sword. Many English troops now return from the Hundred Years' War to find their country bubbling over with strife. The Church's power has grown fractured and disorganized, and while the Crown is weakened by internal forces vying for its future, petty lordlings take advantage of the chaos to enrich themselves by declaring war on one another.

The word “middenarde” means “the middle abode,” i.e. the earth as it is situated between heaven and hell. The British Isles are full of squabbling lords, small-town cults, hidden magick, and most importantly – opportunity. These are interesting times, when upward mobility is at its strongest, and anyone can make something of themselves, if they can survive long enough. Even you.

In the midst of this discord, a story emerges: you, an inexperienced commoner, leave your home in search of better fortunes. Perhaps you are forced out by bandits, or a lordly raiding party. Maybe you are lured out by tales of ancient treasure, valuable artefacts, or mystical beasts. It may be that you are simply tired of your empty life, and want to seek more fulfilling prospects, or new experiences.

Either way, you will emerge blinking and dazed into a world where everything is up for grabs, and everyone is trying to take as much as they can get. It's the perfect time to make something of yourself -- but also the perfect time to wind up dead in a muddy ditch. In this tale, you are not the heroic adventurer bouncing from one quest to another, strolling through fights with nary a scratch. You are the pile of bones that crunches under their foot when they step into a dungeon.

Your characters will be just as mortal as the foes they face, and every violent encounter will be a brush with death. Even slaying all your enemies may leave you scarred and disfigured, and you will have to rely on sturdy metal for your armor, not plot. You are not destined for greatness -- but you have the potential for greatness. Your character will grow and learn, becoming more competent, better equipped, and less naive, as you build them up, through hardship and trial, into something to be proud of.

This book includes everything you need to create and launch your own campaign in the world of Middenarde. The core rulebook introduces you to the setting and guides you through the process of character creation, as well as all of the game's mechanics. Ready-to-play adventure modules will be forthcoming.

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Adventure Awesome
Far Away Land RPG Adventures
By Simian Circle Games

14 Adventures for the Far Away Land RPG

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Poor Wizard’s Almanac II
Basic Dungeons & Dragons Supplement
By Wizards of the Coast

This new almanac provides a massive collection of world events for the game year of AC1011.

It picks up where the previous almanac ended, wrapping up major plots that started in the game year of AC1010, and starting new ones.

Battles, skirmishes, and a host of historical events take place in a world in perpetual development, enough to fill an entire game year!

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Incursion I
Core Rulebook
By Tri Tac Games LLC

This is the original Incursion game written in 1992 by Richard Tucholka. It is complete with all the rules he wrote on how to play the game. Also Included is the Behind the Scenes notes about writing Incursion.



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Toxic Alleys
Shadowrun Adventure
By Catalyst Game Labs


In any given sprawl, there are a few million people who hate a few million other people in an endless cycle of grudges and hostility. What keeps the peace is that most of the people lack the power to do anything about their anger, so a status quo of simmering tension is maintained. Problem is, if some of the angry parties got their hands on enough power of any kind, those simmering tensions would explode. DeeCee, the UCAS capital, is full of all kinds of power, and enough factions are grabbing for it that the prospect of open fighting or worse is growing.

This is especially worrisome since some of the factions have nothing on their mind other than utter destruction. The law firm of Stark, Theissen, and Van Der Mar is making too much money from the status quo to want it to change, and they’re about to discover that shadowrunners might be the only thing that can stop the advancing secret plots from plunging the sprawl into complete disaster.

Toxic Alleys is a complete adventure for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. While it draws on existing plot lines, it stands on its own and can be enjoyed by any team of runners looking for a challenge.

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Unlimited Power: A Sourcebook for Mystics
Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG Supplement
By Fantasy Flight Games

Unlimited Power is an all-new sourcebook focused on the Mystic career path in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG.

The Star Wars galaxy is as much a realm of magic and mysticism as it is science and technology, and the Mystic career path has allowed players the opportunity to explore less traditional ways of communing with the Force. Unlimited Power opens up three new specializations, doubling the number of options available to Mystics in your campaign. More than just a supplement for Mystic characters, Unlimited Power adds three news species to your Force and Destiny campaigns as well as new Force powers, gear, vehicles, and adventure possibilities.

Unlimited Power also details the precarious path to the dark side, should a player’s morality dail and he or she succumb to the temptation of power – at the cost of all else.

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Hudson & Brand
Call of Cthulhu Supplement & Adventure
By Stygian Fox Publishing

Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu™ is an official Cthulhu by Gaslight™ consulting detective agency in the style of the extravagant freelancers such as may be found in the stories of the great Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.

It details a ready-made detective agency in London where the owners (the eponymous Hudson & Brand) have gone missing. The PC's get a building, goods, arms, and research material which they can use to fight the monsters and cultists of fog shrouded London in 1894. Two scenarios are included.

Instead of being a source for the Investigators to plumb for information whenever the situation gets too tough, or if they need a nudge in the right direction, it is somewhere they can actually inherit, use in their own investigations, or use as a safe haven from the outré horrors of the outside world. It is a starting platform, if you will, for adventures into the dark and fog-shrouded streets of mythos-infested London.

Taking its inspirational cues from The Murders at the Rue Morgue, A Study in Emerald, This House Is Haunted, and the stories of Sherlock Holmes, the book takes a mature look at the horror of human nature in the capitol of empire and its ability to turn a blind eye to the evil reaches of the Old Ones and their minions.

The scenarios deal with dark fates, dark secrets, and sometimes unwinnable outcomes. Please be aware that some of the themes are quite mature and are suitable for adult gamers only.

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The Sword and the Spirits Novella
Legend of the Five Rings novella
By Fantasy Flight Games

Rokugan. A land where honor is stronger than steel. Here, the samurai of the seven Great Clans serve the Emperor as warriors, courtiers, priests, and monks. They live— and die—by the tenets of Bushidō.

Shiba Tsukune wasn’t supposed to become the Champion of the Phoenix Clan, but their ancient sword chose her. Trained as a samurai warrior, she was to be the bodyguard of Isawa Tadaka, a powerful shugenja—and the man she loved. Although her new duties have drawn them apart, she refuses to stand by and watch as Tadaka falls to the darkness within him.

Tsukune follows Tadaka north to Cliffside Shrine, home of the Kaito family, where he is investigating the mysterious death of a prominent priestess. All around them, the shrine shows signs of decay and desecration, and the wards that for centuries have bound an evil demon are fraying. What secrets are the Kaito family keeping? And can Tsukune save Tadaka from descending down a dark path before it’s too late?

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Implausible Deniability
Paranoia Adventure
By Mongoose Publishing

A brand new mission for Paranoia that will see the Troubleshooters investigating the food vats and coming to terms with experimental brain interface technology!


You have been selected for an EXCITING MISSION. Your assignment is to:
[ ] Determine why there's a microscopic shortfall in food vat yields
[ ] Test experimental brain interface technology
[ ] Terminate terrorist mutant traitors
[ ] Identify and terminate saboteurs in your Troubleshooter team
[ ] Determine the precise temperature at which your cranial fluid boils
[ ] Have fun. Fun is mandatory.

The odds of your survival can be greatly increased by:
[ ] Not going on the mission.
[ ] Deep-tissue forehead cleansing
[ ] Developing the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts
[ ] Concealing that you have the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts
[ ] Terminating your fellow Troubleshooters before they can terminate you
[X] Purchasing this exciting adventure

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Tall Pines
Core Rulebook
By Self-Critical Hits

A tragedy has befallen the sleepy mountain town of Tall Pines. One of its best and brightest a young local with a promising future has been killed. Murdered horribly in the prime of their youth. Together we will unravel the mystery of their death, discover what it means for our little town, and maybe even learn who committed the murderbut we may learn more than we ever wanted to know.

Tall Pines is a one-session, card-based story game where you'll discover, create, and explore a murder mystery set in a small mountain town. Three to six players will play through a tale in three acts, using the game cards to prompt exciting and enigmatic scenes, establish a shared language of surreal symbolism and metaphor, and reveal the secrets that the town and its people hide.

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Cyclopean Bluffs & Deep Space Monitors
Tall Pines Expansion
By Self-Critical Hits

Cyclopean Bluffs and Deep Space Monitors are expansions for the surreal murder mystery RPG, Tall Pines. You'll need a copy of Tall Pines to play.

Cyclopean Bluffs moves the action of Tall Pines from a secluded mountain town to a crumbling seaside village called Queensport. It accomplishes this change of scenery by adding new Protagonists, Scene Cards, and Act Close Cards to the game. Cyclopean Blus also replaces the murder Victim of Tall Pines with a Missing Teen, adds the possibility of Protagonists “becoming” something beyond human, and adds a new Tone to the game: Alienation.

Deep Space Monitors is an X-Files-inspired expansion that introduces a number of dierent
paranormal “cases” to play through, and centers the relationship drama of a pair of FBI agents. It changes things up by introducing a large number of Act Close cards and Setup Questions that prime each case for play, replacing Secrets with Informants, and adding the Partner mechanic that keeps the FBI agents in (sometimes uncomfortably) close proximity.

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Encyclopedia Draconica Volume 1 – Tales & Stories
Epyllion: A Dragon Epic Supplement
By Magpie Games

The Encyclopedia Draconica, Volume 1: Tales & Stories is a supplement for Epyllion: A Dragon Epic, a tabletop roleplaying game in which players become young drakes who adventure throughout Dragonia while discovering the power of friendship and tradition. This companion book contains encyclopedic entries on the tales and stories of Dragonia, featuring new playbooks, exciting entries, and unique moves that add depth to the history of Dragonia while giving players and GMs new tools for play.

What You Get:​

  • [*=center]A collection of rituals and ideas to enrich draconic culture, from aging to festivals to urban legends.
    [*=center]New history fleshing out the Shadow War and how individual Houses interacted with it and each other during that time.
    [*=center]Four new playbooks: The Elementalist, The Envoy, The Orphan, and The Rebel, along with advice on how to use them in your game.
    [*=center]If you are a fan of Spyro the Dragon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Fellowship of the Ring, you will love Epyllion!

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Heart of Fury
Bulldogs! Campaign
By Galileo Games

Heart of the Fury is an extended campaign for Bulldogs! This book contains a series of adventures designed to challenge your crew and to shake the whole galaxy. Big changes are coming, and your players are right at the heart of them. A strange new group has emerged, the Fury, and they are busy trying to capture the Frontier Zone. What’s driving them, and why do their enemies keep surrendering and switching sides? Ancient mysteries, wide-ranging war in the Frontier Zone, and deadly threats from the great Empires. Sounds like a mission for Class D!

Written by Gareth Hanrahan, this 256-page adventure campaign includes a dozen different adventures, and new rules for your Bulldogs! campaign. A new Psychic skill and stunts to add mental powers to your game, three new playable alien species, and an excellent example of how how to craft a full arc campaign to your own Bulldogs! game.



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The Labyrinths of Lunacy Mythos Pack
Arkham Horror Living Card Game Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

In The Labyrinths of Lunacy, you and your fellow investigators wake to find yourselves gathered in a strange place, with no memory of how you arrived. Your muscles are weak and uncooperative. Your vision is blurred. Simply rising to your feet takes a tremendous effort. Your legs are wobbly and can barely support your weight.

With this unique, 80-card standalone scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you become the prisoner of a mysterious mastermind, forced to take part in his cruel experiments. To escape, you and your fellow investigators will need to work together. You'll need to piece together the clues to solve your captor's twisted riddles. And you'll need to hurry—you aren't alone in this prison…

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The Shadow City Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones Living Card Game Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

Darkness falls across the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. While Daenerys Targaryen struggles to rule Meereen, conspirators plot her downfall. Jon Snow serves the Night’s Watch as their new Lord Commander, but there are dissidents hidden within his ranks. In the darkling alleys of King’s Landing itself, House Lannister, House Tyrell, and the faith of the Seven clash for control of Westeros. There are shadows everywhere.

The Shadow City marks the beginning of the fifth cycle of Chapter Packs—the Dance of Shadows cycle. Here, you’ll find the story advancing into the pages of A Dance with Dragons and the return of a beloved mechanic from the game’s first edition: shadows. Throughout this expansion and the rest of the cycle, you’ll find characters, locations, attachments, and events emblazoned with the shadow keyword. Assassins, spies, conspirators, and secrets hide in the twilight, ready to spring into view. Every faction must embrace the darkness and the path of shadows—or fade into obscurity.

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Count, King & Robber
Carcassonne Expansion #6
By Z-Man Games

This compilation contains:​

  • [*=center]7 tiles out of Carcassonne: King & Scout (the tiles extending Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers are not included)
    [*=center]Carcassonne: The Count of Carcassonne
    [*=center]Carcassonne: The River II
    [*=center]Carcassonne: The Cult, which was first made available in this compilation.

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Munchkin Cheats
Munchkin Card Game Expansion
By Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Cheats is a 30-card expansion made up of various Cheats and other Cheat-themed cards. You can shuffle these cards into any Munchkin base game to put Treasure cards into play more often and make things more interesting for everyone at the table; the expansion also includes Monsters and Curses that interact with Cheat cards!

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2-4 players, ages 10+, 50+ minutes

The Inox people have been living peacefully in the Land of the Waterfalls for a long time, but now there is a dangerous threat. Evil Rhujas roaming the land want to capture the gemstones of the Inox. That's why the Inox have selected the hardest to reach and most dangerous place to hide their gemstones: the rock wall behind the Iquazú waterfall. Their water dragon Silon blocks the waterfall so that the brave Inox can rappel down the rock wall behind it to place their gemstones there, out of harm's way. The gushing water and the dangerous water snakes at the bottom will stop the Rhujas from getting the gemstones. Which player in Iquazú will manage to use their cards skillfully and place their colored gemstones in the best spots?

Each turn in Iquazú, players either draw four cards or play cards of a single color from their hand to place one of their gems in an empty space on the board the same color as the cards they played. If you place in the leftmost column, you play only one card, in the secondmost left column, two cards, and so on. The last player in turn order adds a water droplet to the highest empty spot in the leftmost column after their turn.

Once the leftmost column is full, players earn points based on how many gems they have in this column and they earn a bonus token if they have the most gems in a horizontal row. Bonus tokens can let you draw cards, ignore the color rule, earn points at the end of the game, and take another turn. Players then slide the waterfall right one column to make new bonuses appear and the leftmost gems disappear. Whoever holds the water droplet box passes it right. Players continue taking turns until the final column is filled, at which point players collect bonuses for the final time, then added any points collected to their score.

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Karuba The Card Game
2-6 players, ages 8+, 15+ minutes

Karuba – The card game is an exciting variation of the popular HABA family board game.

The players carefully select two path cards from their hand and try to outwit the other players. The person with the lowest sum loses a card.

They then use the cards to create a network of pathways to connect their adventurers with the temples. Who will best guide their adventurers through the jungle?

At the end the winner is the player who collects the most points with valuable treasure and temples.

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Dragon’s Breath
2-4 players, ages 5+, 20+ minutes

The dragon children have found an unusual treasure: a column of ice with sparkling stones frozen inside it. Naturally everyone wants them. Together with dragon dad the players remove one ice-ring after the other, and melt the ice column. This makes the sparkling stones fall down. But be careful: Only certain sparkling stones can be collected. Who will have the most sparkling stones at the end?

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Rhino Hero – Active Kids
2-4 players, ages 5+, 15+ minutes

Watch out! The spider monkeys want to throw slime balls at the city residents. Rhino Hero and the friends are needed; players grab the slime balls and balance them on their super hero capes, transporting them back to their hero headquarters. Heroes cannot let themselves get frustrated by other players. They need skill and courage to carry more and more slime balls out of the city each round.

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King of the Dice
2-5 players, ages 8+, 30+ minutes

The players want to gain new citizens for their kingdoms by fulfilling the various requirements on the cards with three rolls of the dice. Special cards provide benefits. But watch out for village idiots and dragons! The player with the best citizens at the end wins the game and makes their kingdom thrive! Do you have what it takes to be King of the Dice?

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2-4 players, ages 8+, 20+ minutes

Players look for the best places to play their cards, in order to make the most valuable CONEX corners. A change of perspective might be needed! Then you can play any action start you have earn. The player who manages to plan ahead, will become the CONEX master!

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Karuba Junior
1-4 players, ages 4+, 5-10+ minutes

Every family is sure to enjoy this exciting junior variant of our most popular family game "Karuba"!

Cooperation is the only way to win against the mean pirates! Help each other during the game, discuss moves and give each other tips about where a tile fits well.

Did you manage to connect all three treasure tiles with the beach via an unbroken path? And is an adventurer standing on each of the treasure tiles? Great! You win!

If you get lost in the jungle (can't place anymore tiles) or if the pirate ship reached the last space on the beach first, sadly you have lost and the pirates have won. Try again right away!

View attachment 98112

Boom, Bang, Gold
2-4 players, ages 7+, 20+ minutes

Gold has been discovered in the sleepy village of Old Town. Infected by the gold rush fever, everyone is grabbing sticks of dynamite and throwing them into the gold mine. Now you need to be fast and have a good eye ... otherwise you'll go home empty-handed!

Things are about to happen quickly, because everyone plays at the same time. A round consists of: Blast, Gold search, Play action tiles and Secure gold/prepare the next round.

Anyone who comes across a bat, snake, rat or ghost amongst the gold nuggets needs to get to safety quickly. And there are all sorts of other dangers lurking in the Wild West: the tense atmosphere means you might be challenged to a duel.

View attachment 98113

Dino World
2-4 players, ages 6+, 15+ minutes

An archaeopteryx jumps through the thick ferns. But what the little bird doesn't know is that a velociraptor has already spotted him. But even this agile hunter is not match for the larger T-rex. The player that manages to flick the dinosaur playing cards onto the most other dinosaurs win. Keeping in mind that it must be larger than the dinos it is hunter.

View attachment 98114

Floppy Ears
2-4 players, ages 5+, 10+ minutes

In this hilarious game, each player strives to be the first to play out all of their floppy ear cards. But beware, you must always plat the cards hanging from your ears, first! Only those who can remember which floppy cards are on which ear, will have the world's best floppy ears!

View attachment 98115

Banquet Royal
2-4 players, ages 7+, 20+ minutes
By Bankiiiz Editions

Become the Royal Cook and win favor of the royal family by respecting the order of the menus banquet given in their honor. But be careful, you're not the only cook at the banquet and the royal family has specials request!

Throughout Banquet Royal, players will place dishes or their toques on the table, and by respecting the good order of the combinations, they will gain royal points — but you also have to memorize the dishes under the kitchen bells to fulfill the desire of the royal family. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is declared Royal Cook.

The game includes different level of difficulty, strategy, and scoring depending on what you want.

View attachment 98116

Little Big Fish
2 players, ages 8+, 15-20+ minutes
By The Flying Games

Little Big Fish is a tactical game for two players who compete to capture five fish first.

To set up, each player has three little fish in the first line of an empty sea tile, with the board being comprised of four boards pushed together to form a square. To become bigger, fish must eat plankton. When you move to a space where there is a fish of the same size or smaller than you, you capture it. Small fish are fast but vulnerable; they can capture small fish but can be captured by any fish, and they are the only ones that can go through shipwrecks. Medium fish can capture small and medium fish, and they can't go through shipwrecks. Big fish can capture fish of any size, and they can't go through shipwrecks.

On a turn, you move one of your fish two spaces or two of your fish one space each. Fish can move orthogonally, and you must resolve the action of a space before taking your second move. Move into a space with plankton, and your fish grows in size; land on a birth space, and you add a little fish from your reserve to the board. The shipwreck serves as a tunnel for small fish, and the "?" space makes you draw a tile, take its action, then discard it. You might rotate part of the board, put a fisherman to work, or have an unexpected birth. Race to eat five fish first!

View attachment 98117

2-4 players, ages 14+, 45+ minutes
By Le Boite De Jeu

Huns is a game where you try to be the next Khan, ruler to the Huns. Perform rewarding raids, resist plagues, recruit powerful mercenaries, collect equipments, discover wonderful treasures or plunder available resources to become the greatest leader ever known!

Huns is a game of dice drafting. When it is your turn to play, you will have to choose a die among others. The dice that will remain will be available for your opponents. Will you choose what you need the most, or what you don’t want to give to your opponents?

After picking a die, you will have to choose between two actions: drawing a card or taking cubes. Cards will grant various abilities, while cubes will make your treasure grow and bring you closer to victory. The rules are simple, yet the strategies are deep! Cards can be combined, and only the smartest player will take advantage of this to become the new Khan!

View attachment 98118

Jurassic Snack
2 players, ages 7+, 15+ minutes
By The Flying Games

Young Diplodocuses (Diplos) are fond of the tasty leaves offered by the neighboring pastures. To win, your Diplo team has to eat more leaves than your opponent's team…unless one of you decides to call the ferocious T. Rex to get rid of all his opponent's Diplos!

View attachment 98119

A Tale of Pirates
2-4 players, ages 8+, 30+ minutes
By Cranio Creations

Put on your captain's hat and navigate the 3D pirate ship using sand timers in this unique real-time cooperative game.

As a member of an adventurous pirate crew, your goal is to be crowned Admiral of the Black, the most feared pirate ship in the Caribbean. To earn this title, you must complete dangerous scenarios in the shortest possible time frame. The most innovative element of the game is that the player uses their own 30-second sand timer as a character to be placed on the ship to perform actions. Each time a player places their own sand timer, they have to wait for the sand to run out to be able to perform the action needed. Each hole in the ship represents an area where you can perform a specific action: turning the ship, loading cannons, shooting enemy ships, repairing damage, and so forth...



View attachment 98120

03871 Tosca, Dreadmere Hag
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98121

03872 Fruellla, Dreadmere Mercenary
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98122

03873 Serena, Dreadmere Rogue
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98123

03874 Thunderfoot Defender (Triceratops)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98124

03875 Bloodcrest Smasher (Parasaurolophus)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98125

03876 Armorback Barbarian (Ankylosaurus)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98126

03877 Blacktooth Savage (Tyrannosaur)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 98127

03878 Skywing Stormcalled (Pteranodon)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures



View attachment 98128

Konigsberg: The Soviet Attack on East Prussia 1945
1-3 players, ages 12+, 4-8+ hours
By Revolution Games

Konigsberg: The Soviet Attack on East Prussia, 1945 simulates the Soviet Attack by the 2nd and 3rd Belorussian Fronts on elements of Army Group Center in January, 1945.

Each corps and army is represented by an activation chit and each side has a limited number of activation's they can use in a turn. This leads to players uncertain as to when or if formations will move or fight when they want.

The Soviets offensive is mobile but quickly out paces its infantry and HQ's, random events can ground the Soviet Air Force or Stalin may intervene and delay some formations.

The Germans units get hit hard and each move is critical to blocking the Soviets from the critical cities of Elbing and Konigsberg. Your motorized formations can be hit by no gas or the Gross Deutchland could withdraw when you need these units to defend a critical location.

Can you replicate the epic defense of Konigsberg or will the Soviet onslaught win the day?

View attachment 98129

Red Typhoon
1-2 players, 2-4+ hours
By Revolution Games

Red Typhoon is a redesign by Revolution Games of the fourth game of the popular PANZER KORPS series; originally published by Command Magazine Japan. Red Typhoon simulates the early 1942 Russian counter-offensive in front of Moscow that almost destroyed Army Group Center. Can you as the Soviet player complete the destruction or can you as the German player survive the Soviet onslaught.

Red Typhoon is a two player game following an IGO-UGO turn sequence with activation points controlling the movement and attack of each of your formations. This means that some units will not move or attack, some will just move or just attack and some will both move and attack. The players choices of how to use his activations is the most important decision in the game. Combat is fairly traditional with the additions that units are retreated by the attacking player and that retreated units are disrupted. Players able to take advantage of these two factors will be successful.

The game starts with several large Soviet breakthroughs that the German player must skillfully plug and in certain situations counterattack. There are special rules for German panzers, Soviet Airborne and Partisans.



View attachment 98130

Battlebond Booster
Magic: The Gathering CCG Expansion
By Wizards of the Coast

View attachment 98131

Commander Anthology Vol. 2
Magic: The Gathering CCG Expansion
By Wizards of the Coast

Launch a legendary four-player Magic™ battle right out of the box with this collection of classic Commander decks. Create massive undead monstrosities with Devour for Power, send fearless Giants to crush your foes with Wade into Battle, craft deadly artifact combinations with Built from Scratch, or spawn an inexorably growing army with Breed Lethality. Choose from among these powerful strategies, then challenge your friends to an epic multiplayer showdown.

View attachment 98132

Desolation of Blarg Booster
Munchkin CCG Expansion
By Steve Jackson Games

Do not eat the first expansion for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game; it is known to cause indigestion. And how could it not, with this many new monsters and this much new loot?

The Desolation of Blarg contains tons of brand-new cards to help you customize your decks for the Warrior, Ranger, Cleric, Thief, Bard, and Wizard.

View attachment 98133

Flames of Destruction Special Edition
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Expansion
By Konami

View attachment 98134

The Extreme Evolution Starter Deck
Dragonball Super CG
By Bandai

View attachment 98135

Dark Invasion Starter Deck
Dragonball Super CG
By Bandai

The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

Please note: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item the author of this post will receive an affiliate commission.

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Some really nice darksword minis were just posted to their site for sale as well although they aren't going through typical sales channels I'm guessing. I do see them at the local game store north of Pittsburgh though.

aramis erak

Richard Tucholka?
I remember unfondly Bureau 13 as a game (the novel was great, tho'). Lots of very small hit locations, fiddly rules, and hard to run. I wonder if Incursion is the same basic ruleset... not enough to slap money on the counter, tho'.

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