New Sci-Fi RPG - Looking for Players (1-4)


Play-testers Wanted: one-on-one sessions or group play.
GM: Family friendly GM, your also welcome to run the game (PDF format, no artwork)
More information about the game: Spacers of the Frontier

First Session: Players are troubleshooters for Prime Hirelings Inc. (PHI). You'll take various jobs assigned by Ned Smyth, a nerdy fixer from Backwater.

“Hi, I’m Ned and I’ll be right to fix you up!” Ned’s high-pitched laugh echoes through the conference room and he proceeds to read robotically from a datapad, “A data combine needs a team to retrieve an encrypted data-cube from Bryte spaceport; care of Ludious Spenge. I wonder who...oh right that’s you guys.” He points a holopen in your direction. “Report to logistics, when you’re geared up go to Dock 59A. I’ve booked you on a civi flight to Bryte spaceport.” He swipes his hand across the datapad and your comms starting beeping with new data. Ned quickly leaves the room.

Spacers WIKI: If you'd like to help create content to build the setting use the contact form on the website above.

Thank you for your consideration. :D

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