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New Sidequest Decks Kickstarter Just Launched!


Inkwell Ideas has just launched our latest Kickstarter.

This project adds four new Sidequest Decks:
  • A deck of monster hunts. (Including an easy way to string several together: a list of which creatures' parts are useful for various magic item effects. So if the PCs want an item that does X, Y, & Z, you can find which monsters and therefore which quests to use. Each card will also have a couple of alternate ways to start the sidequest.)
  • Two decks of small fantasy towns based on the coastal and frontier/mining medieval towns from our recent NPC decks, but as outlines you can slot them into your own towns.
  • A deck of pulp adventures based on real world ancient & historical mysteries and lost artifacts (many will be written for the pulp era, but most can easily be made more modern or medieval if you wish).
If you're not familiar with our Sidequest Decks, each card has a map on one side and a mini-adventure outline on the other side. The outline starts with a short description for the GM. (Skim these to find an adventure that fits the circumstances.) Choose between a couple of story hooks to get the adventure started. Next several encounter ideas move the game along. Customize them to match what your players do (drop some, change them to fit circumstances). Finally each card wraps up with one or two follow-up adventure ideas.

Please check it out and support us if this is something you'd likely use!

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