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The Battlelords: Charlie Foxtrot Kickstarter funded in one day!

Charlie Foxtrot will contain five one-shot adventures, including pre-generated characters. It also includes several short fiction stories to help flesh out the Battlelords' universe. Check it out the Kickstarter Here --->

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What is Battlelords?
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
(aka Battlelords) is a military science-fiction tabletop roleplaying game. Set in a galaxy of war, an alliance of 15 different alien species desperately attempts to repel The Arachnid invasion and root out the nanoswarms of the Atlanteans. Play as corporate mercenaries, soldiers, pirates, or spies. Miss the Kickstarter for Battlelords rulebook? No worries. You can add the rulebook to any pledge level.

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What's in Charlie Foxtrot:
  • Five (5) one-shot adventures suitable for any sci-fi RPG.
  • Pre-generated characters for each adventure so you can hit the ground running.
  • Three (3) short fiction pieces that flesh out the Battlelords Universe.
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Where to find out more?
You can find out more about Battlelords of the 23rd Century at the social media links below. Want to watch the game being played? We have a four-part live video of B. Dave Walters and the Uncommon Trust playing Battlelords on our YouTube channel.


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First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

All pledges with Stretch Goals will get to choose one free PDF from prior editions of Battlelords.

The list includes:
  • Battlelords of the Twenty Third Edition (6th Edition)
  • Beyond the Rift
  • Condemned (Scanned copy)
  • Engines of War
  • Galactic Underground 1
  • Galactic Underground 2
  • Galactic Underground 3
  • Hell’s Kitchen (Scanned Copy)
  • Injection (Scanned Copy)
  • Lock ‘N’ Loaded: Armor, Equipment, & Cybernetics
  • Lock ‘N’ Loaded: Reloaded
  • Lock ‘N’ Loaded: Weapons and Tactics
  • No Man’s Land
  • Uncle Ernie’s Minions of Doom
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Second Stretch Goal Unlocked!
We've unlocked the second stretch goal. Battlelords-themed dog tags!!! We're headed to our third stretch goal!


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