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Nordlond Sagas (for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG): Funded on KS


The Nordlond Sagas campaign expands the growing “Nordlond” setting – a Norse-inspired world playable with the material in the Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set.

Three books are included by pledging to the campaign; the fourth new book is available as an add-on. The campaign started on September 10, and runs through October 12. We are currently at over $19K (130% funded), with upcoming stretch goals at 300 total physical book (80 more to go!), and extra page count for the longer adventures at $29K (193% funding).

What's included directly?

The Dragons of Rosgarth
(48 or 64 pages)
This setting expansion and adventure scenario details the towns of Midgard and Jarngarðr, and provides a looming threat worthy of a party of seasoned delvers. Targeted at four to six delvers of 300 points or more. Written by Kyle Norton.

Forest’s End (64 or 80 pages)
A bold thegn built a fortified settlement beyond Audreyn’s Wall, near where the forest meets the sea: Skógarenda . . . Forest’s End. Forest’s End features several threats and three actual dungeons to delve for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG! Written by Merlin Avery.
Sample interior layout with placeholder text and images

(sample placeholder text and images are taken from Citadel at Nordvorn)

Norðlondr Fólk (16 pages)
Sixteen playable racial templates to supplement those from Dungeon Fantasy Adventurers, including Norðlond-specific versions of elves and dwarves. Also dragon-blooded, children of humans and demons, and other hybrids, such as raven-folk and those who are brothers and sisters to bear and boar. Written by Kevin Smyth.
Halflings and HalfElves.png

Available as add-ons:

The Hand of Asgard
(16 Pages)
This new book presents additional options and guidelines presented for Clerics who choose to devote themselves to the worship of just one instead of the pantheon as a whole. Also included are more than twenty new Holy Might abilities available for Asgardian Clerics and Holy Warriors to bring the word . . . or the sword . . . to those that need it. Written by Kevin Smyth.


The Citadel at Norðvörn (128 pages)
This lovingly detailed setting describes three major settlements, provides a village generator, and presents two important adventuring locations: The Hunted Lands to the northwest of The Palisade, and the Endalaus Forest, to the north and east of Audreyn's Wall. It is a setting filled with adventuring possibilities, easily tuned up or down in power level as the GM desires to suit any fantasy campaign!

Hall of Judgment (2nd Edition) (128 pages)
An adventure and micro-setting for four to six 250-point characters, made under license to Gaming Ballistic, LLC for use with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. Journey deep into the fae-touched lands of the Frostharrow, to rediscover the Hall of Judgment, and protect Norðlond from a creeping doom. This is the second edition of the adventure, which has improved maps, and errata. The print copy has a smyth-sewn, lay-flat binding.

Fantastic Dungeon Grappling (8 pages)
Fantastic Dungeon Grappling takes the "attack roll, defense roll, damage roll" basic play of Powered by GURPS and makes it work for grappling as well. A new simplified tracking mechanism—tested over years of play—keeps this fast and light at the table.
The ever-expanding Norðlond setting provides ready-to-play setting and adventuring possibilities for the streamlined Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set. If you missed the previous campaigns, this is a great time to get months of gaming-ready material in one raid!


Map Progress
One of the add-ons is a larger-scale version that shows the lay of the land from as far west as Isfjall to Akkerisborg by the sea. Glynn Seal is working that as we speak, and he sent me a work-in-progress image. It's still early, clearly, but you can see the scope of land we're talking about.

That's what's going on in the Nordlond Sagas campaign - I hope y'all check it out. Even better: back it!

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I want to chime in here to say that this is one of the kickstarters that I've been most excited about this year. Every supplement that Douglas Cole and Gaming Ballistic have produced so far have been top-notch. Great art, great writing, and filled with fun, game-able details. Moreover, Douglas keeps everyone in the loop and consistently meets his ambitious deadlines. The Nordlond setting feels fresh and is easy to modify to fit into just about any preexisting fantasy world. You could drop it north of Grendep Bay in Greyhawk; insert it near Luskan in Faerun; or add it to the Nomad Lands in Ytarria.

This particular KS is exciting on many fronts, but I'm most thrilled about the add-on, The Hand of Asgard. Clerics have been my favorite class since my AD&D days, so I can't wait to see more options for devotees of the Nordlond pantheon.

I'd love to get to the $29K level for even longer, better books!

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