Nuke-Con and Against the Darkness


I crit!
Loved running and playing Against the Darkness. Thanks for a great game. I think I made a few converts.

Are there plans to support the game some more. I sensed a bit of hunger for more things AtD. A bestiary full of AtD flavorful monsters and maybe a setting book or two, especially one of the Vatican.

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I agree, some support material would be great for AtD. I've started a campaign with a global plotline, but some out-of-the-book monsters would be a welcome time-saver for filler and tangential plots.


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Thanks for the input; we appreciate hearing from people playing the game. I will certainly pass your requests on to the Evil Overlord and his publication committee. :)

We do have one item for Against the Darkness coming out soon - our first published adventure scenario. It is "Into the Fire," and is written to be easy to use with beginning players or a GM new to the game. That doesn't mean it's only for newbies, though! The scenario does include two new monsters, and we will have a set of pregenerated characters either in with the scenario or available on our website.

Watch here, or on our Facebook page, for more information.

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