[Online] [5E] [World of Xoth] Seeking players for Throne of Gondira Online play


Swords against tentacles!
Play Method: Online using RPG Manager combined with video chat (Google Meet) and a VTT (probably Owlbear Rodeo)
Game/System: 5E
Player or GM? I'm the GM.
Time/Frequency: Bi-weekly, at a time of day/night convenient for the group. Starting late January 2021.
Sword and Sorcery!
Current needs: 3-5 players
Accept Drop-In Players? No, but might do additional one-shots if there is interest
Accept Spectators? No

Looking for players to run online sessions of Throne of Gondira, a 5E module set in the World of Xoth with a heavy swords and sorcery vibe.

"You have heard the wild tales of fabled Gondira, a city built by the sons of giants, with a palace of white marble and gates of beaten gold, now hidden by the jungle and haunted by white apes who walk upright like men.

Can you penetrate the steaming jungles of the south to discover the lost city and bring back its treasures, or will you die before you can set eyes upon the throne of Gondira?"

Players start at level 3 and should be made according to the house rules on this page, which also has a link to the Player's Guide to the World of Xoth.

Send me a private message if you are interested!

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