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Online Zweihander campaign looking for players

I plan to run a weekly Zweihander campaign using Roll20 and Discord. I need mature and reliable players who will work together as a group. Experience is not required, but the ability to stay in touch is a must (check Discord).

The game will be supported by a Obsidian web site for setting data, adventure log, and optional rules used.

Since Zweihander does not have a dedicated setting, the campaign will take place in a heavily modified Harn setting; go HERE for details. Maps will be provided. Artwork to illustrate the setting is posted on the Discord server.

All books, maps, and material will be provided. The campaign will make use of props, some of which will be MS Word documents, so it will be useful if players have that program handy, but if not, we can work around it.

My schedule is wide open, so the players will determine what day of week and hours the weekly session will be.

The Campaign
This will be a grim and dark setting, in keeping with the Zweihander theme. Player are encouraged to 'play forward', in that instead of the usual RPG tropes of PCs seeking to recover their father's sword or avenge their murdered family, that they develop their PC off choices made and events experienced as the game progresses. However, PC development is ultimately up to the player.

The island of Harn in this setting is best described as enclaves of Free Folk (Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Halflings) surrounded by hostile non-Humans and plagued by internal conspiracy and intrigue. After the first scenario or two (3-4 sessions), the campaign will be driven by the choices the players have made.

The campaign will start no later than September 20th, 2021, with the exact date depending on the availability of players and what day of the week they choose for the game.

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