Release Outland - Work of Fiction - Shipjacking

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With the release of the Outland - Adventure System Gazetteer imminent, we posted the short work of fiction, Shipjacking, from the gazetteer here: Adventurers – Adventure System

Check it out!

Chief Scrivener
Adventure System
Good luck with your endeavor! Looks approachable for the 20 minutes I spent perusing your imaginative offerings.

Just one pointer from a long seasoned publisher. It's always better to slant the reason for adopting your particular brand of gaming from a positively engaged view rather than from an oppositional one. Thus consider the two examples: 1) Your Front Page Banner (The "Logline"); and 2) As redirected.


Adventure Awaits…​

Don't let your imagination be held hostage by a game system that holds you back!

2: Adventure Awaits... Unleash every facet of your imagination with Adventure System!

Very simply, the landing page is the first impression people assimilate as potential consumers. By staying positive they are at least, then, in a neutral area of "This could be interesting" and at a no loss to them, such as"The current system I play does not hold me back!" sort of reaction. It may appear as consumable red meat for you but if you want to grow, don't toss it out there. IOW if you are good you don't have to infer that others are not to prove that.

Stay on point. Extoll what your system does and prove it from that point onward rather than arguing what others do not do. Create your own playing field. Good luck!

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