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[PbP] The Heroes of Silleria

Guilt Puppy

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Oren ducks, hoping to end up under the attacks of any enemies (or allies) in the blackness, then backpedals away from the point he saw the creature, hoping to get back into the light.

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Michelle bites her lower lip not knowing what to do, so holds her power ready to attack if she sees the.. whatever again.

(Readied action to fire a magic missile at that tentacle thing if I see it again.)


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Enemies: Xengendalis is attacked again, and is critically hit hit for severe damage. He falls down, unconscious and bleeding. Too bad the rest of you don't know this, but you do hear his cry of pain... then silence.
The non-Xengendalis people see a dark, small-sized creature with numerous tentacles fly out of the darkness to N4, but just as quickly that view is cut off by another sphere of darkness. Kerith, Oren, Norynth, and Gertrude are enveloped.

Michelle: Readies an action to cast magic missile at a visible opponent.

Norynth: You move to N-3, which is only a 5' step. You last saw the creature directly in front of you in N-4. (Acting on the wild assumption that you intend to attack it) Your sword swings through the darkness, intersecting nothing. You call to Gertrude to guard you.

Oren: You back up to P-7 before you exit the darkness.

blackwing: Stays perched on Alexi

Kerith: (moving ahead 5' puts you in O-3, and that fits your action description) You swing blindly at N-4, where the creature should be, and feel your blade make solid contact. You hear a high-pitched squeal, almost out of your range of hearing, and the creature thumps to the ground.

Foran: Your light dispels the darkness (before I even had to post a battle map including it!), and you see that Kerith has slain the creature.

gertrude: moves up to Norynth, sniffing at the bloody mess on the ground.

titus: stays with Michelle.

Alexi: You call to your friends to go back to the corridor and do so yourself, joining Michelle and Foran.

Xengendalis: You bleed.

(map to be posted tonight)


Round Two action:

Once the darkness has dispelled around the creature he killed, Kerith looks around and notices that most of his party is standing around, helpless, and this makes him angry. "DO SOMETHING! AIM FOR THE CENTER OF IT!", he yells, goaded by his success, and picks up the pebble with light on it, tossing it forward in front of him along the O row, moving forward as he does so. His rapier is still drawn.
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MerakSpielman said:
Your light dispels the darkness.

OOC: While this a nice move of you, it's probably wrong, unless the Darkness was the equivalent of a 0th level spell, Light doesn't dispel it... :( That's also why Alexi didn't even try it...

Is it dead?

Alexi quickly moves towards where Xendengalis dropped to the ground, trying to find him and his mouth, preparing the healing potion she still has from Kerith.


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OOC: You're right - the opposite of the Light cantrip is the aptly named No Light from the BoVD. It should take a Daylight spell to counter Darkness. But hey, these things are supposed to be CR 1, and Darkess is pretty nasty when you follow all the rules for 100% concealment (lack of AoOs, creature can attack then move to an unknown location, requiring the player to guess a square to attack, etc...), especially when the creatures can still "see" you...

Ultimately, though, the light should have been swallowed up by the darkness. Maybe the magic was weakened because the thing died... :)


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Map for end of round 1 and beginning of round 2:


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Moving quickly towards where Xen's voice was last heard (and trailing the still Guarding gertrude, Norynth plunges into the darkness yelling Gert! Attack!, remembering Gert's Scent ability...


After tossing the pebble forward, Kerith will move along row 3, until he reaches I-3. If he hears anything, he'll stab straight out (into H3) with his rapier.

Guilt Puppy

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Oren, perhaps guilted by Kerith's plea, or maybe just worried about Xen, rolls back into the darkness, daggers drawn. He'll feel around the area where he last saw Xen, and administer one of his Cure Light potions, then try to pull him back out of there to safety. If he gets attacked during this process, it's stabby time. Again, keeping low, in case someone just can't wait to send an arrow or toss a dagger into the darkness.

(Note: I realize this will probably take multiple rounds, but that's the game plan 'til it's done.)

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