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I wanted to make this thread for folks to list things they like about this edition and why. This is less for folks to snipe eachother or take apart their points.

Heres my list of the first 10 things that popped into my head (not necessarily my top ten):

1. Weapons feel distinct and interesting. Between the tags and critical specialization effects, weapon choice means far more than in 5E.

2. I love the skill system. The TEML bonuses gating certain feats is great design. Its not the DCs that matter as much as the cool special crap you learn to do with your skills. That seems much more fun to me. This is way better than 5E which feels incredibly random and flat as far as skill use goes.

3. I love that the barbarian can rage all he wants. 5E barbs in groups I have dmed for have often run out of rage and felt useless afterwards. At least in games from levels 1 to 8 (most of my games).

4. Cantrips feel good. They get auto heightened like they do in 5E but they do not feel quite as powerful as they do in 5E (which I think is a good thing). Guidance is a good example of this. It works similarly but also confers a Bolstered condition which prevents from spamming it all day on the same person. Nice!

5. Dex to damage is only for rogues as far as I can tell. This is good. In 5E, dex just felt better unless you allowed those overpowered feats.

6. The action economy is brilliant. I love everything about it. Characters get to make meaningful choices based on how many actions get used up. This feels very tactical. Situationally, this should lead to players mixing it up more than they usually do in other systems.

7. Class gated feats. I love this. This prevents every player with a two hander from picking the same 5 weapon style feats. It makes characters different. They claim to want to add more feats so more fighting styles can be used differently across different classes. Love it! By the same token, these feats dont feel game breaking like they do in 5e.

8. Multiclassing! I disallowed multiclassing in my 5E games due to all the Sorlock/etc cheese that was possible. By comparison, PF playtest multiclassing feels much much better.

9. NPC statblocks. I hated 3.X enemy stat blocks. They were often long and required large degrees of page flipping. These feel far more manageable in play. Also, enemies seem to be more interesting to play (and fight against) as well.

10. The number of spells per day is lower. This combined with true Vancian casting should do plenty to keep casters from going full quadratic.

Please, dont reply with what you agree or disagree with. Just list what you like.
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Simplifying the action economy is great.

Reducing potential for multiclass cheese is great.

Balancing the classes feels pretty neat so far; there's less of a very clear A-tier, and (like 5e) some classes that have too many options got them split up into what are basically different "paths" you can take. That way you can still have that signature power if you want it, but not ALL the signature powers.

Using "tags" to help sort things is awesome - many other games are doing this. (Wordpress for the win!)

Organizationally, putting all the "stuff" together in one spot is both good and bad... It's great when you want to search all the spells and powers in the game, but it sucks when you just want to know what your class does. Similarly, the rules for combat are essentially spread over the entire book. But they're also about as succinct as you could make them.
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+ Action economy

+ Ranged weapons not adding DEX mod to damage. With only certain ranged weapons adding 1/2 STR mod. 5e could definitely stand to take a hint from this.

+ No DEX-mod to damage in general (other than ONLY the Rogue).

+ Perception

+ Related to above, different skills and attributes in different scenarios to determine initiative.

+ Stat leveling system makes MAD builds much more viable.


I too like the action system.

I like what they tried to do with the TEML part of the skill system, but I don't think they nailed it.

I like that the Sorcerer can pick their spell lists.

That's all that comes to mind.


Shield use is really fun.

First it has to be readied as an action (or fighters at a point get to keep it readied for free).

Then it grants +2 AC bonus.

When hit, PC can take a reaction to block the damage. If the damage is over the hardiness of the shield (5 in normal cases), the shield dents and breaks.

Players can repair shields with crafting skill and time. Some classes get quick repair.

I played a fighter for a little playtest and it felt really satisfying and quite "fightery" when I had to block a blow and break my shield. Then, my fighter was 2 AC lower until he had time to repair it.

Also, when I blocked an attack and it only did 4 hp of damage, it was even more satisfying because the shield absorbed the damage and didn't break.

This kind of action combination is very interesting.


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Definitely liking that they're defining precise senses and how they relate to perception and stealth. That kind of definition, while a little fussy, was long overdue.


I also like the character building system, especially using Fantasy Grounds. By following the "tracker" (something that FG put in to prompt choices), I can make a PC in 3 minutes (then buying gear takes about 10 more minutes, lol).

I think it is smart to grant skills, ancestor feats, skill feats, combat feats, general feats with different layers. The number of permutations that this layering creates makes each PC seem more unique. My group remarked how the entire party could play Dwarves (or all fighters, or all rogues, or all Elves, etc.), but still each would be unique based on choices player makes. That is awesome.


I love 3 action per round economy.

Less spell slots and removal of auto spell scaling.

More or less, everything else is garbage.

I really hope for better final product or playtest release as with this there is 0 reasons to pick PF2 over 5e or PF1


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We’re having our first level 11 session tonight. The two sessions we had before were at level four with premade characters. Hopefully after this have a better sense of what to write here other than the obvious things PF2 has in improvements such as:

1. 3 action economy
2. Tighter math
3. Spellcasting changes
4. Weapon specializations
5. Simplifying skills


I've been enjoying the game. Been finding it more satisfying than 5e for some reason. Here's what I love:

+ Attributes, by default, are not randomly generated and the system is easy to understand.
+ Not everything gets attacks of opportunity.
+ Three actions in combat.
+ Monsters are deadly and interesting.
+ Shields block damage.
+ You can get a critical hit without scoring a natural 20.
+ Encumbrance is finally easy to track.
+ The game uses a silver standard instead of a gold standard.


Can you expand on this? Do you make characters with pencil and paper, or use some automation?

Pencil and paper.

Encumbrance is easier to track due to the bulk system. It’s much easier to tell at a glance if picking up an extra piece of equipment will encumber a character or not.

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