D&D 5E Planegea: Prehistoric Fantasy

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Urriak Uruk

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Tell that to the artists who chose to depict the Stone Age women as conforming to the modern sensibility of having no body hair.

I will add, this isn't... real.

Stone Age women, for example, weren't elves. They (and men too) also wouldn't have nearly as much sculpted muscle, it takes a lot of protein to look like WWE wrestlers all the time.

The customers (both men and women) overall probably aren't as interested in seeing "historically accurate" body types and grooming, as much as having the prehistoric "fantasy" experience. Which for the modern day, isn't really Conan, Tarzan, and Xena anymore, but it's not entirely tilted to "historically accurate" either.


I don't know why this is so triggering for me. I'm going to take a time-out from this thread until I've had a chance to read through the preview doc properly, so I can make some positive contributions. Apologies for side-tracking the discussion.


A suffusion of yellow
I’m guess you are neither a woman, nor do you have children. I think you might think a bit differently if you had both.
That being said, I don’t feel the previews here cross the line. However, Stone Age fantasy doesn’t need woman in hide bikinis.

to be fair the book also contains this image in pants and blouse -

an RPG product willing to depict a still active older woman can't be all bad


A suffusion of yellow
ANYWAY I’m over looking at prehistoric bikini babes so -

I really like how this setting really highlights the flavour of primal play with its Clanfire, god hallows, and One World cosmology where mortals from the Great Valley can physically walk into the Venom Abyss and other planes. The locations are really evocative and have a nice ‘Eternia’ vibe to them and combined with the various factions make for a truely great setting - leaving it for DMs to mix and match is inspired.

The reimagining of the kinships and classes is very cool I like how the Shaman has been elevated to essential Clan leader and how Elves have been explicitly tied to the ‘Fae realm’ of Nod. Cant wait to see what the Half-oozes and Fallen Stars are like.

Oh and the conceit of cosmic taboos against Math, Writing and Wheels is hilarious
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One of the things I absolutely love is the idea of things and parts of nature becoming divine. A river or gully or tree simply becoming a god. Very animistic...and I love that. Also using local gods as a replacement for a magic shop. So neat. You want to buy a magic item, you gotta go down to the river and negotiate with The River. See what it wants. See what will appease it. Make it happy. Then it will enchant something for you. Or gift you a boon. Absolutely stealing that.

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