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Planet Stories- which are the best to grab?


While I don't OWN any (yet) Planet Stories from Paizo is def the product that captures my lust the most. I will be going on my honeymoon in a few weeks and I will have plenty of time to sit around at the beach and relax (as well as that "other thing" people do on their honeymoon ;) ). I'm not a beach person, but I rarely have some quiet time to read these days and am looking forward to spending some time with my nose stuck in a book.

So what are some of the best PS "issues" to grab? I'm a huge fan of Swords & Planet, as well as Swords & Sorcery. Dark/high fantasy, and hard science fiction, not so much a fan. Any reccos so I can get these ordered before my trip? TIA! :D

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The only one I have is Infernal Sorceress by Gary Gygax. It was good; it is a bit like the Grey Mouser which Eric Mona addresses in his introduction. It was a very wellw ritten introduction and entertaining too.

I would get more of these but I never see them in Barnes and Noble or other books stores.


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Black God's Kiss: Boring. Things happen to the character and it's well written but for the first warrior woman stylings that are attached to it, she's helpless and is saved by the most unlikely of allies and circumstances.

Elak of Atlantis: Some good some bad.

The Secret of Sinharat: Good stuff. Like if Han Solo was a Planetary Romance style character.

Almuric: Pretty typical of the planetary romance but well written.

The Ginger Star Triology: Same character as the Secret of Sinharat. Good stuff.

Swordsman of Mars: I actually enjoyed this better than Almuric despite them having very similiar themes due to their shared heritage.

The Dark World: Good but way too short for the price. If money is no object, buy and enjoy.

The Sword of Rhiannon: Good with a few twists and turns comparing the legends versus the actuality of characters.

I still have the Ship of Istar and the Outlaws of Mars to read from that line of work. Don't like the physical changes that started with the Ship of Istar but hear they've done different things since then so...

S. Baldrick

The books by Leigh Brackett are terrific. I would recommend Alumric by Robert E. Howard and the Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt as well.
I am currently reading Who Fears the Devil and I am really liking it so far.


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Anybody read the anthology: Worlds of their own ? I always liked the TSR anthologies very much so i ordered this one, hasn't arrived yet though.

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Their-Own-R-Salvatore/dp/1601251181]Amazon.com: Worlds Of Their Own (9781601251183): R. A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, Monte Cook, James Lowder: Books[/ame]

paizo.com - Worlds of Their Own (Trade Paperback)

I agree with Joe on Black Gods Kiss. It was rather boring. Infernal Sorceress was interesting. Similar to the other Gygax novels set in Aerth, but imho not as good as the Gord books.
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