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What is QuestCore Fantasy?
The QuestCore Fantasy RPG is a unique, smart, and exciting tabletop role-playing game.
The rules are based on the best selling QuestCore RPG system. The game is inspired by games like Dungeons and Dragon and Basic Role-Play but with less rules.

Create stories together and venture into your realms with QuestCore - it offers the perfect blend of easy to use rules, role-play, character development, and story creation. QuestCore Fantasy offer lots of playable races and classes.

What is unique about QuestCore Fantasy?
  • Quickly create every creature for your game - even on the fly!
  • The gamemaster and the players uses the same simple system to build everything.
  • Creatures are built with three basic parts: Attributes, Skills and Abilities (see below).
  • Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and other major RPGs and it's easy to use other games' source books and adventures.
  • Quick and tactical conflict system without turning into boring ”ping-pong”.
  • All conflicts (even magic and social attacks) uses the same basic skill system – no need for complicated sub-systems.
  • Easily expandable by adding new abilities.
  • Uses only a 10-sided die throughout the game. No more huge dice pools or many different dice for different situations.
Kickstrater pre-launch now active!
QuestCore pre-launch page on Kickstarter (don't foget to click "Notify me on launch"):


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