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Quick Generator Fantasy Material Name

10,000 possible material names and variations.

In many worlds, especially those of the fantasy genre, some materials exist that have properties beyond the normal. A type of wood, for example, might be more resistant to fire, or one particular type of obsidian might glow when underwater due to some arcane property.

There can be many reasons for this, from the place it was made, a result of a spell gone wild or it could even be something once created by a deity for reasons unknown to mortals. Whatever the reason, these variations on the "standard" material have properties that differentiate themselves from the original version.

This Quick Generator gives you a system for creating the names or concepts, of materials suitable for the so-called fantasy genre. Using the 2 x d100 tables provided, you can generate 10,000 possible material names or concepts..

Example outputs include...
  • Aged Sapphire
  • Clear Pumice
  • Flame Cloth
  • Frost Velvet
  • Gleaming Wood
  • Grand Gold
  • Power Resin
  • Shady Ruby

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