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Returning to painting [new stuff up!]


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As I stated in the last thread, I am returning to mini painting after about a 5 year (unwilling) hiatus (sp?). Right off the bat I will admit that my skintones suck and faces are even worse. I know my limits. Having said that, as promised, here is a mini that is from before the break and is for a character my wife (!) played.
Melina was basically an unwashed horsegirl who adventured so that she would not have to be around a lot of people. (as I remember, her charisma score was around an 8.)
I particularlty likes the armor on this mini, as I primed it black and then painted the "Top" of eash armor plate with metallic silver (yes, I cheated and used metallic paint).
Unfortunately, one of the casting seams went right through the left side of the face and there was no way I could fix it enough to mak it look decent.


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Next up is a pair of skeletons I happened across in a HeroQuest game I picked up in ValueVillage. In case you dont have these in your part of the world, think Goodwill / Salvation Army / Used clothing & department store. I Actually bought the HeroQuest to play it. But, after getting it home, realized that not eveything came with it. One of the perils of buying used, i guess.
However, I was able to get several cheesy plastic minis out of the deal (not bad for $5) and have painted most of them. These are, I believe, the first two skele's I painted. One with a grey backing, the other with black.
I like the grey one better since it is not as stark of a contrast but I wish the grey were a bit darker.


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Last up for this time is the HeroQuest gargoyle. On this Mini I was fairly happy with the Copper Armor, the Skull belt thingy and his wings.

The mouth and eyes are pretty much crap.


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Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Holy crud! I must say I am quite impressed. If I even need a mini painted I know who turn to, I'd pay for the service. Absolutely incredible.


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Well, thanks! I greatly appreciate the praise and comments!

All of these minis were painted with Generic craft paints that you can pick up at Walmart 2 for $1. Mostly Plaid brand except for the metallics which are Folk Art brand. I have been able to reasonably match up about 15-20 colors as "the same as" Games Workshop colors (in part thanks to the color matching site that Pogre supplied) and paid about 7-10 dollard for all. If they were "real" GW or Vallejo paints, I could have got MAYBE 5-8 colors. Plus, all the paints are in 2 oz bottles so I get a LOT more. :)
The shiny varnish is a spray-on, Krylon I think but i'd have to look to be sure.


Welcome back!

Whatever works for you is my motto these days. I have seen some incredible work done with craft paints and your stuff is very nice. Glad the site was of use - keep on painting and posting!


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I like your clean lines.
I used craft paint for years and like the results.

While I don't personally like the shiny varnish, I think your mini's look pretty good that way.
Keep painting and posting.

Game ON!


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Next up is a trio of HeroQuest Orc nasties. I realize it's hard to see but, on the sword orc and cleaver orc's weapons where the "cutouts" are has been treated with a bit of etching and then painted witha flat rust color.
I also like the shading on the red jerkins. unfortunately forgot to dust them before photoing...


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