Pathfinder 1E Rise of the Runelords with Pathfinder RPG


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had attempted this yet? If there is any/how much conversion would be necessary to run the 3.5 based module in the Pathfinder RPG?


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Next to none. I'm running RotRL using PF rules and all I need to do is calculate CMB/CMD and concentration checks.


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Thirded. I'm running Rise of the Runelords with PFRPG and all I'm doing is calculating CMB/CMD and keeping track of it on the scratch paper I track monster hit points during a fight. Occasionally I might dink around with the statblock of something with class levels if I'm feeling bored, but even when I don't, I haven't had any problems. So far it's been fine.

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And just to update what I said.. As of today the 2nd Preview of the Bestiary was made available as a free download today.

Get the first preview and the second preview.. and cobble them together. Between the two of them you'll get a bulk of the universal monster rules for PFRPG. I believe there are also stats for goblins, shadows, ghouls.

You should be set up nicely for conversion if you're just starting.


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I am also running RotRL using the final PFRPG rules for my wife and some of her friends (it is her first roleplaying game, so it is kind of exciting).

Conversion has been minimal and done on the fly (With the exception of the harder "boss" type fights involving casters mostly, which a I take a few minutes to adjust before the game)

The main areas are CMB/CMD bonuses/ remember that bad guys with class levels in any class probably have new tricks so reference the core book for changes/ The other minor area where some conversion may be neccessary is skills. If your NPC has skill points in two skills that have been combined, they have extra skill points to spend (usually getting them a ksill to make their short time in the spotlight a little more memorable.)

Other than that you can pretty much use the module as written. The diferences are minor.




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I've not had any problems.

I'm running "Hook Mountain Massacre" and the Barbarian boss took a bit of fiddling. Besides the CMB/CMD bonuses to be calculated I had to choose his Rage powers. When the Barbarian unloaded on the rogue with "Unexpected Strike" and "Quick Reflexes" the player looked I just stole his favorite toy...

I made the barbarian L8 since we have an uncommonly large group of players (7 to 8 usually).



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Thanks for all the replys!

I suppose a follow up question to this would be, if you were a newbie DM (like I would be) would you run RotRL or go for something simpler?


Thanks for all the replys!

I suppose a follow up question to this would be, if you were a newbie DM (like I would be) would you run RotRL or go for something simpler?

I ran through the entirety of Rise of the Runelords with the Beta and had no problems.

As for your question about running it as a Newbie - I'm divided. Its a fairly simple story arc on the one hand but I would be hesitant to advise any new DM to start out with an Adventure Path. For one thing, one of the single hardest things to do when gaming is to keep a groups interest over a long story arc IMO.

I learned from one shot modules (Keep on the Borderland) and thats the method I'm using to teach my own children to DM. If by Newbie you mean you've never DMed ever before, I would advise starting with their last module, "Crypt of the Everflame."

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Thanks for all the replys!

I suppose a follow up question to this would be, if you were a newbie DM (like I would be) would you run RotRL or go for something simpler?

An interesting question from my perspective. 2nd and 3rd edition came out during a time I wasn't playing D&D (first wife saw it as competition, the relationship didn't last, got divorced, and so on). I started playing 3.5 in 2007, the same month that Runelords came out.. and it was my first DMing experience. Just as you're proposing.

Honestly, I think Runelords is a fine adventure Path. It will always be one of my favorites.

Having said that.. It's my belief that there are issues with it. Paizo was starting their product line. They'd just lost publication rights to Dragon and Dungeon Magazines. They needed to have Chapter One at Gencon. There was a strong need (and still is) to have the Adventure Path come out monthly for cash flow reasons. The author of Chapter Three was going through one ton of personal life issues when he wrote it. In brief, there are signs the were all under a lot of pressure and it was rushed.

Before anybody gathers up their torches and pitchforks, I'm going to say again- it will probably always be a favorite of mine.

But a first timer might not want to pick through the errata and debug it.

Salthorae, I might recommend you start with Council of Thieves, which is written specifically for the rule set, or Legacy of Fire.. which I think is the most polished of the 3.5 Adventure Paths. After that, perhaps Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Or, just start with some modules as Wicht suggested. It depends on how much you want to run an entire campaign.

EDIT: I'm running Runelords for the second time now, and halfway through Chapter Three (the second time).
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