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Kickstarter Robotech Homefront Kickstarter: Beta tester reviews


In the lead up to the Kickstarter on October 19 for the brand new Robotech Homefront Supplement here are a few words from several of the Beta testers over the last year who have been trying out the book and system:

"An excellent cinematic roleplay experience for those who want to recapture the action and majesty of the anime without being bogged down in numbers and stats. The system is easy to learn but complex enough to stay interesting for the length of a campaign. Homefront adds to the experience by delivering more to table to sink your teeth into. 10/10 would recommend"

"The new book brings a host of new and interesting dynamics to the system, giving GMs and players all the tools required to play a game at any level- from a small band of survivors struggling against the Invid, to world shattering wars against The Robotech Masters."

"The new content that has been created has been lovingly crafted by people who know the lore and want to expand it in ways never thought of before."

"As a player that's new to the system, but somewhat familiar with the setting, I've had a great time so far with the system and content. The rules, skills, and talents are easily understood and well thought-out, and easy for a new player like myself to get the hang of quickly. The new enemy units, vehicles, and weapons added are great. The ASC Highlander Tank and Cyclops Battloid in particular have been a blast to use."
06 ASC mecha AGAC.png

"The Army of the Southern Cross has been expanded to be really good. The representation is there to the point where they honestly take up a huge chunk of the book."

66 Corg Mecha.png

"The System is a far cry from Palladium. The complete opposite end of the spectrum, updated and modern for new and old audiences."

"Awesome cinematic combat that can be as tactical or narrative as you need makes using the tools in the book so much fun."

"The cross compatibility between the different sagas and balance they have is fantastic."

"The Beta Fighter is Crunk!"

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