Level Up (A5E) Rogue Questions/Errors

Subtle Knife

P248 - Defiant Mind (Investigator archetype)
- "you have proficiency with Intelligence saving throws" - all rogues are proficient in Intelligence saving throws - this would only be useful if you multiclassed in from a different class without this proficiency; contextually, should this be Wisdom saving throws?

P238 - Table: Rogue
- Aim is on the table twice (L3, L5) - based on text should be L5?
- Spot Weakness is on the table at L3, but no text entry - is it missing from the text, or should it be removed from the table?


Subtle Knife

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I agree these are all problems. I have reported the Aim error already, as well as a couple of instances where Rogue archetypes grant proficiency with thieves' tools, which all Rogues automatically get.

If you haven't already, these need to be reported using the Google Form.

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