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WOIN RPG NPC/Creature stat blocks in Notion (WOIN example)


Not sure if there are any Notion users on here, but for anyone interested, I created a passable "Stat Blocks" for my NPC/Creatures in Notion. I am creating my own WOIN Bestiary in this manner. This post is about a method/technique, not about a template.

It's pretty straight-forward. Have a bunch of properties that you concatenate (in a formula) into your desired stat block lines. Hide those properties you don't want to see after that. Expand the properties when inputting and collapse when you're viewing.

The examples are from the WOIN RPG system, but this obviously this works for anything.

Stat blocks expanded.png
Large Card with Stat Blocks.png
Bestiary Stat Block Collapsed.png

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Notion takes a while to wrap your head around all the things it can do. It's super easy to learn the basics, though. Microsoft is reportedly going to push out a Notion-clone called Loop in the next year or two as well.

I do all my RPG stuff on Notion. It's a god-send. Oh yeah, it's super easy to share stuff with others, too.

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