RPG Sales of 2022


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Troll Lord Games is offering their new D&D 5E adventure, Castle on the Hill for only $1.99 (rather than $7.00) to the first one hundred customers. Click on the link to apply the discount.

Please note my use of affiliate links in this post.

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The DreamSEA Bundle is an itch io sale bundle of 10 tabletop roleplaying games from 10 independent creators from across Southeast Asia, running the gamut of genres and styles: games with GMs and without; themes of mystery, memory, heartbreak, homesickness, and battle beyond the stars.

(disclosure: I am one of the creators involved)

There are tiers ranging from $10 to $50, and you can save as much as 51% when you get the $50 tier.
  • Maharlika RPG by makapatag
  • Homebound by Aaron Lim
  • The Magus by Bianca "momatoes" Raposa
  • Starlight by Valis Teoh
  • Shrine: The Siege of Yueyuan by Curious Chimeras
  • Faster and Faster Still by Sin Posadas (Diwata ng Manila)
  • Of Promises & Paper Airplanes by Ar-Em Bañas
  • Pipedream by Kai Poh (Role Over Play Dead)
  • May Project Na Naman Si Kapitan? by John Erwin
  • Turo-Turo by Urania Games
Today is Itch Creator Day, so itch.io foregoes its cut, ensuring that more money goes to our team of creators! In addition, the bundle is available for the whole week if you can't get it right away.



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Frog God Games is currently offering 50% off their Tome of Alchemy for D&D 5th Edition! Click on the link to get it for $15.00 rather than $30.00.

Please note my use of affiliate links in this post.
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The EN World kitten
Troll Lord Games has marked down The Adventurers Backpack for Castles & Crusades by 50% off for today only! As soon as the clock hits midnight, March 1st, the price goes back up to $20!

Please note my use of affiliate links in this post.

aramis erak

I just noticed that Awfully Cheerful Engine is all on discount in PDF.
The discount was also on the PDF+POD.... making the POD+standard shipping about the same price as the POD alone... Don't know why, don't know how long it will last...


Inkwell Ideas has just launched our GM's Day sale: 30% everything in our store using the code GMs2022 as you check out:
  • Worldographer/Hexographer software
  • Icon Sets for our software or any program that imports PNG images
  • Sidequest Decks - every card is a mini-adventure: outline on one side, main map on the other
  • NPC Portraits Decks - every card is a character: portrait on one side, system neutral personality & background on the other
  • Creature Decks - we have decks of all the creatures Kobold Press has done for 5e so far as well as creature decks for Dungeon World & Fate
  • DungeonMorphs - mini dungeon designs on dice or cards

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