Level Up (A5E) Schools of Maneuvers - Winners and Losers


So now that I have reviewed all of the maneuvers, what do I think about the schools themselves? How does each school compare to each other?

While all schools have various winner and loser maneuvers within them, I feel that some rise to the top, and others sink to the bottom.


Adamant Mountain - For the tough fighter with the deadly weapon, this school gets it done. You get damage, healing, bossing people around. I think the maneuvers here are some of the best balanced, most manuevers in this school are decent, not OP or garbage. The fact that the 5th tier stance just makes you better all the previous AM maneuvers is icing on the cake.

Tempered Iron - I think this school has the best general selection of maneuvers across the tiers. There is always something decent to take, and the maneuvers are very flavorful. Even if you don't want a strong "anti-caster" vibe, there are several tiers of this school that give plenty of more general awesome.

Tooth and Claw - While there are some winners in this list, there are plenty of losers. I just feel like a lot of flavor of this school is scattered around, while I would cherry pick a maneuver here or there, staying in this school feels tough.

Unending Wheel - I think this is the most off balanced school. It has some of the most powerful winners, but it has some really bad maneuvers as well. I think the issue is it takes too long to really get going, some of the high level maneuvers are great but it takes a while to get there. It clearly wants to give me a samurai vibe, but I feel the mechanics often pale to the flavor its trying to convey.

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